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Club Advisory Boards Vote Against Endorsing Referendum

Representatives on the Council of Advisory Boards voted against endorsing a referendum to abolish the Georgetown University Student Association senate and replace it with a new elected assembly Nov. 11. The elected assembly’s primary responsibility would be to allocate about $1 million through a collaborative process between student organization advisory[Read More…]

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A Suspect Email Filter

A Suspect Email Filter

“This message was posted by Erika Cohen Derr under authority granted by the Division of Student Affairs.” This disclaimer concludes every campus-wide email sent by student groups. Few readers notice it; fewer find it noteworthy. But how does this procedure affect the free flow of student communication, particularly when readers can’t see[Read More…]

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DIRAGO: Decoding a Decisive Referendum

DIRAGO: Decoding a Decisive Referendum

In one of the least surprising developments in student affairs in recent memory, voters in Thursday’s Georgetown University Students Association referendum expressed overwhelming opposition to the potential satellite housing complex: 2,746 of the 2,966 participating Hoyas voted no — a 92.6 percent stand against the plan on which the “One Georgetown, One[Read More…]

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Vote Yields Decisive Dissent

More than 93 percent of students voted against the proposed satellite residence in a referendum on the GUSA ballot Thursday, which student leaders hailed as a resounding statement of opposition to off-campus housing. The referendum, which asked students, “Do you support a satellite residential campus for Georgetown undergraduates?” received a[Read More…]

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GUSA to Hold Referendum on Evidentiary Standard

The Georgetown University Student Association senate voted unanimously Sunday to hold a student body-wide referendum regarding changes to the Code of Student Conduct’s evidentiary standard. If passed, the referendum would not have the power to change the standard, which is currently set at “more likely than not.” The bill is instead[Read More…]

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