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Saving Lives By Fighting Stigma

In the last three years since Sandy Hook, over 160 school shootings have taken place. As we witness and grieve over each of these incidents, pundits and politicians continue to point the finger at America’s supposed mental health crisis. While it is necessary to have conversations about mental health in[Read More…]

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Take Charge of Your Safety

Take Charge of Your Safety

Here at Georgetown, we are located in one of the most secure neighborhoods in Washington, according to city data. Many of us are lucky enough to have caring, conscientious friends who look out for us when we walk home after it gets dark at night. We have a capable, well-trained[Read More…]

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GUMC Professors Analyze Gun Violence In New Book

GUMC Professors Analyze Gun Violence In New Book

Georgetown University School of Medicine clinical professors of psychiatry Liza H. Gold and Robert I. Simon argued that links between mass gun violence and mental health are exaggerated in their book Gun Violence and Mental Illness, which will available for sale in December. Gold said she was inspired to begin[Read More…]

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Forging a Safer Future Through Gun Control

On Tuesday, Andy Ward and Alison Parker were buried. We failed them. In the past few days, we have been left to make sense of their execution, which was broadcast on live television to an unsuspecting local Roanoke, Va. television news audience during an early-morning report. In the five days[Read More…]

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The Opposite of Love is Indifference

The Opposite of Love is Indifference

I am from Chicago, or “Chiraq” as some call it, a name coined by media and locals because of a death rate by guns comparable to that of Iraq. Whether this statement is accurate or not, the name signifies a larger truth about the gun violence in Chicago. This past Fourth[Read More…]

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Campus Gun Violence Debate Stuck on Safety

Entering my first class of the school year, I claimed the desk closest to the door in anticipation of my mad dash to the next class. Notebook out, polite conversation conducted, my eyes wandered to the emergency instructions posted on the wall next to me. In addition to the typical[Read More…]

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A Wary Gun Violence Week

This week, the College Democrats will hold a gun violence awareness week, that will feature speeches from prominent figures and a documentary that will cover some of the most contentious issues being debated in legislatures across the country. One of the core tenets of Georgetown’s mission is an emphasis on[Read More…]

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After Tragedy, Gun Reform Still Stalled

The day after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, I wrote a commentary for The Hoya on the event. Beyond the literal attack that my hometown had just suffered, I feared a media onslaught that was only just beginning. My home was about to become the epicenter and catalyst for[Read More…]

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Gun Control Talks Polarize Tragedy

When Google News first began to collate articles about a school shooting in Newtown, Conn., my immediate reaction was that it would make Columbine pale in comparison. With the death toll released, it pains me to have been right. This tragedy evoked heartfelt responses and compassion from across the country,[Read More…]

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