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Movie Review: ‘Blood Money’

★★☆☆☆ Despite what its name may suggest, “Blood Money” does not live up to its status as a thrilling action flick. The film follows three high school friends who find millions of dollars floating in the river during a camping trip. The trio attempts to take the money, but their[Read More…]

The Anti-Slytherin Approach

Next fall, I will be a full-time analyst for Credit Suisse’s oil and gas coverage group in Houston, Texas. Now that I’ve made you scoff at my greed and selfishness, let’s talk. Most people I’ve met have this misconception of an argumentative dialogue between business and everyone else — a continuous fight[Read More…]

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A Surge of Greed in Academia

I couldn’t help but feel a wave of dismay and frustration wash over me this past Tuesday when I perused news headlines. Between The Hoya’s article on the exorbitant salaries of Georgetown administrators (The Hoya, Sept. 19, 2011, A1) and the announcements regarding the flurry of athletic conference realignment (The[Read More…]

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