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Grandma Goes Clubbing in Croatia

So, what happens when three college students on vacation in Croatia split a bottle of vino and are given the streets of Old Town Dubrovnik to traipse around in? They find Jasmin Stavros at ClubRevelin. What’s that? You’ve never heard of Jasmin Stavros? That’s really embarrassing for you. This week, Grandma has ventured outside of [Read More…]

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An English Major’s Math Problems

Money is a valuable thing. Some scholars debate if it is not the most valuable of all things. But what scholars do not care to ponder is the complex equation of time spent abroad multiplied by the shininess of the jewelry, divided by the exchange rate that you convince yourself[Read More…]

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Can’t Stand the Dancing in Istanbul

At last, my faithful and devoted readers (also referred to as “parents” and “friends-I-guilt-trip”), I greet you from the rolling hills of Sariyer, Turkey. Oh, I’m sorry, you’re unfamiliar with that. Sariyer is a province in Istanbul and where my university is located. I apologize, I forgot that it has already been two weeks[Read More…]

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Clothes-Conscious in Constantinople

The airport terminal is always a hot bed of entertainment (I don’t get out much). As the meeting point and cross sections of cultures, it is where those both coming and going come to … well, get pissed off. No one enjoys airport travel. There are those who “don’t mind[Read More…]

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Byzantium Bound and Boyfriendless

Studying abroad: a quintessential part of the college experience. It can be characterized by frolicking around Italy and accidentally getting mistaken for an Italian pop star. This initial confusion, of course, leads to a hot and steamy romantic fling with another Italian pop star who tragically turns out evil and[Read More…]

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