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EDITORIAL: Combat Campus Antisemitism

As the United States mourns another tragedy fueled by bigotry, members of the Georgetown University community — both students and administrators — must look inward to realize the danger of enabling antisemitism on campus. On Oct. 27, a man entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh with an AR-15-style assault rifle[Read More…]

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COURTESY NINA YOUNG Students displayed an art piece countering anti-Semitic vandalism for one day in Red Square on Oct. 17, 2017. The artists and university administrators are now seeking a long-term location for the installation.

Students Seek Long-Term Location for Graffiti Art Installation

Students are working with Georgetown University administrators to find a long-term location for the Love In”stall”ation, a one-day art installation created October 2017 in the wake of anti-Semitic and misogynistic graffiti found in LXRHall and Village C West in September 2017. On four separate occasions, swastikas were graffitied on surfaces[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Confront Ongoing Anti-Semitism

While Georgetown’s mission and administration have historically fought to create an inclusive environment for its Jewish students, the campus has long been — and still is — an unfortunate microcosm of existing anti-Semitism beyond the gates. As students committed to Jesuit values, we must learn from our predecessors’ mistakes to[Read More…]

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Graffiti in the District Under Siege

Graffiti in the District Under Siege

Dripping from bridges, scrawled across alleyway walls and tagged on garbage cans along busy streets, graffiti brings color and gives voice to unheard perspectives in many parts of Washington, D.C. Often going unacknowledged or unaccepted as a valid form of art, graffiti has long maintained a strong presence in the[Read More…]

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Graffiti was located on the side of a university townhouse on 3624 N St., NW (pictured) and several other buildings Friday.

University Buildings Defaced with Pro-Trump, ‘Support Officer Wilson’ Graffiti

Graffiti with messages including “Support Officer Wilson” and “Trump ’16 Build the Wall” was found on six on- and off-campus buildings – including a university townhouse on 3624 N St. NW – Friday morning. Similar graffiti expressing support for Darren Wilson – the former police officer who shot and killed black[Read More…]

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SHRINATH: Paris, Where Spray Paint Spells Change

SHRINATH: Paris, Where Spray Paint Spells Change

I noticed the graffiti before anything else. As the Eurostar entered Paris, I was expecting a city of delicate architecture and scenic views, so seeing the spray paint against austere, industrial buildings was jarring. Travelling on the metro the next couple of days emphasized the prevalence of this trend: every[Read More…]

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Artist Explains ‘Calligraffiti’

Artist Explains ‘Calligraffiti’

In an attempt to find his identity as the child of immigrants living in France, French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed took a modern twist on the traditional art of Arabic calligraphy by fusing it with graffiti. He displayed his “Calligraffiti” and discussed it Wednesday evening in White-Gravenor Hall. The Georgetown University Lecture Fund, the Department of[Read More…]

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Graffiti Offers Glimpse Into Conflict

Graffiti Offers Glimpse Into Conflict

We often hear of conflicts in the Middle East through the mouths of the extremists and politicians, not those living in the midst of turmoil. Words & Walls, a new book by AdamHeffez (SFS ’11), gives a voice to those overlooked in the conflict: the locals. He has provided a unique window[Read More…]

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Failure to Communicate

Last Thursday, the campus was thrown into a state of anxiety after a lengthy and detailed email, sent to the entire university community, told of a “possible noose” found in the subbasement of Healy Hall. When word broke the next day through campus media that the rope was, in fact,[Read More…]

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Possible Noose Found Beneath Healy Hall

University employees discovered a possible noose hanging in a locked utility area in the sub-basement of Healy Hall earlier this week, according to a message sent to the campus community by Vice President for University Safety Rocco Del Monaco and Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson on Thursday evening.[Read More…]

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