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The conversation on tax reform came three weeks after Republicans in the U.S. Senate released their own version of the House of Representatives’ initial tax plan.

GOP Tax Reform Efforts Will Be Successful, Policy Experts Argue

The Republican Party’s current tax reform efforts will be passed into law, three tax policy experts predicted during a Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service discussion on tax cuts Tuesday. Grover Norquist, president of anti-tax advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform; Tony Sayegh, an assistant secretary for the United[Read More…]

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Tax Bill Could Negatively Affect Graduate Students

The Republican tax bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday could have a strong negative effect on Georgetown graduate students receiving financial aid. The bill, proposed by House Republicans on Nov. 2, is aimed at reshaping the tax code, including reducing the number of income tax brackets from[Read More…]

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Conservative author and National Review Online editor Charles Cooke blamed Republican disunity  and President Donald Trump's abrasive demeanor for the party's failure to accomplish policy goals.

Republican ‘Civil War’ Hindering Trump Presidency, Conservative Argues

A lack of policy cohesion plagues the Republican Party and ultimately hinders its productivity and efficiency, Charles Cooke, editor of the conservative publication National Review Online, argued at an event Oct. 26. Cooke discussed the trajectory of the Republican Party, the future of federalism in the United States and the[Read More…]

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MESA & BENNETT: Wrapping Up ‘Federal Fantasy’

MESA & BENNETT: Wrapping Up ‘Federal Fantasy’

In our very first column — amid new Republican control of all three government branches and rapidly changing power structures in Washington, D.C. — we created a game of “Federal Fantasy,” each picking three senators who we believed would be the most influential in this new political arena. Below, we[Read More…]

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MESA & BENNETT: A House Divided

MESA & BENNETT: A House Divided

One thing the two of us share is a love of the Los Angeles Lakers. Once a source of pride for the fans, the team has fallen from relevance to the point where fans no longer identify as such. Since Kobe Bryant’s last great season in 2013, in which he[Read More…]

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MESA & BENNETT: The GOP’s Tom Brady Test

In history, there are make-or-break moments. After New England Patriots star quarterback Drew Bledsoe suffered internal bleeding in week two of the 2001 season, the team relied on baby-faced Tom Brady, a second-year quarterback with no professional experience. He proceeded to lead the team to a Super Bowl victory that[Read More…]

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Scott Talks Upbringing, Future of GOP

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) discussed his upbringing and the future of the Republican Party, both within the context of the 2016 election and beyond, at an event hosted by the Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service in the Healey Family Student Center on Monday. Scott is the first[Read More…]

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The GOP and the Grand Old Papacy

Ask Republicans what they think of Pope Francis and you’ll likely receive strikingly conflicting answers. A recent Gallup survey found that only 45 percent of American conservatives have a favorable view of the pope — down from 72 percent last year. As a Catholic Republican, I find this trend troubling.[Read More…]

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Unconstructive Criticism: ISIS Policy in the GOP Crosshairs

“Weak.” “Misguided.” “An abject failure.” Over the past several months, these criticisms have been hurled at President Barack Obama by an array of pundits and politicians for his policies designed to counter the militant Islamist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. As the 2016 GOP presidential[Read More…]

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Janet Zhu

With GOP Resurgence, A More Adaptive Party

If you were among those double-checking that your midterm was going to be graded on a curve, you’re most likely one of two things: an orgo student or a Republican. For those of you who somehow haven’t heard the results: Not only did the GOP win majority in both the[Read More…]

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