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A Taste of Home in the District

Since this is my final Gluten Freedom column, I thought that there would be nothing better to do than to come full circle: discovering the food that I love at home in my second home. Homesickness comes in a lot of forms: when you’re stressed out and all you want[Read More…]

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Fine Dining Found in My Home-Cooked Hits

For many college students, spring break is a time for travelling the world, tanning in South Beach in Miami or visiting family and friends back in the comforts of home. For a foodie and a homebody such as myself, relaxing and eating were number one and number two, respectively, on[Read More…]

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Flourless Fast Food for Students on the Go

Georgetown’s nonstop environment quickly fills students’ schedules with little free time to eat or sleep. Whether it’s a hectic class schedule, bouncing between group meetings or commuting to an internship, food needs to be convenient for the always on-the-go student. Finding gluten-free food that is both tasty and transportable proves[Read More…]

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Taking on DC’s Restaurants the Wheat-Free Way

Last weekend was the one that I’ve been looking forward to almost all semester: Parents’ Weekend. Personally, I love when my family makes the yearly trip down to Georgetown to visit me. It’s a mini vacation for them and a whole lot of shopping and eating for me. Last year,[Read More…]

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Navigating Your Dining Hall Beyond the Pasta Bar

Most college students see summer as a break for their brains; I view summer as a vacation for my stomach. Home-cooked meals replace the seemingly never-ending cycle of chicken, rice and salad from Leo’s. However, eventually all things must come to an end, even summer and good food. Now that[Read More…]

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Learning to Adapt to a Wheatless World

As an adopted child raised in a predominantly Italian household — my mother is fully Italian and my father is half Italian, half Chinese — I grew up surrounded by loudness, heavy accents, hand gestures, cheek kissing and, most importantly, food. The Italians rewrite the food pyramid. Complex carbohydrates come[Read More…]

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