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The gluten-free, fast-casual eatery, The Little Beet, allows customers to mix and match flavorful and nutritious dishes filled with wholesome fruits and vegetables.

The Little Beet: A Serving of Sweet Simplicity

The call for healthy and delicious fast food is getting louder, and the new fast-casual eatery, The Little Beet, has answered. Located at 1212 18th St. N.W. the restaurant is a convenient five-minute walk from Dupont Circle. The first branch of a popular restaurant concept outside of New York, The[Read More…]

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Vegan Restaurant Brings West Coast Vibes to D.C.

Vegan Restaurant Brings West Coast Vibes to D.C.

★★★★☆ $$ Immediately walking through the front doors of Native Foods, the brightly colored hues splattered across the walls catch the eyes of patrons, blending together simplistic artwork with inspirational quotes. This storefront in Penn Quarter, overlooking the Navy Memorial, is one of two new locations nestled in the heart[Read More…]

Less Gluten, More Options

O’Donovan Hall is a favorite target of criticism for almost all students. Many lament its limited options and general lack of nutritious options, but this criticism is especially relevant for those with specific allergies and dietary restrictions. Although it is obviously difficult to prepare large quantities of food — allergy-free[Read More…]

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Gluten Free Goes Forward

Gluten Free Goes Forward

O’Donovan Hall has redoubled its efforts to make its eating options more gluten-free friendly. Although it has expanded its food storage areas and added more meal options, students have yet to see any concrete changes take hold. Dietitian Allison Marco has facilitated a focus group for concerned students to request[Read More…]

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Gluten-Free-Friendly a Misnomer

Gluten-Free-Friendly a Misnomer

In May, Udi’s, a gluten-free food company, named Georgetown the second-most gluten-free accommodating college Campus. Many students, however, are skeptical of this title, despite November’s designation as Gluten-Free Awareness Month. Joe Lanzilla (SFS ’16), a celiac who is also dairy- and egg-free, said that he has repeatedly gotten sick after[Read More…]

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Taking on DC’s Restaurants the Wheat-Free Way

Last weekend was the one that I’ve been looking forward to almost all semester: Parents’ Weekend. Personally, I love when my family makes the yearly trip down to Georgetown to visit me. It’s a mini vacation for them and a whole lot of shopping and eating for me. Last year,[Read More…]

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Winning the Cupcake Wars: Wheat-Free Edition

Fall has officially begun. It’s time to break out your favorite cozy sweaters and leather boots and breathe in the crisp autumn air all around us. At home, I would always welcome fall by siting outside on my front porch with a cup of tea and a homemade dessert. There[Read More…]

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Navigating Your Dining Hall Beyond the Pasta Bar

Most college students see summer as a break for their brains; I view summer as a vacation for my stomach. Home-cooked meals replace the seemingly never-ending cycle of chicken, rice and salad from Leo’s. However, eventually all things must come to an end, even summer and good food. Now that[Read More…]

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Does Mother Nature Know Best?

Does Mother Nature Know Best?

Tried going gluten-free like Gwyneth Paltrow or Zooey Deschanel? Thinking of adopting the “paleo” diet your Crossfit-obsessed roommate won’t stop talking about? These nutritional crazes are often justified by appealing to a golden era in human evolution —“paleo” is short for “paleolithic”— prior to the agricultural revolution. The idea is this: Grains are a relatively recent and unnatural[Read More…]

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Macaron Bee | 1669 Wisconsin Ave. NW Serving up sweets just as cute as its name, MacaronBee is located in an adorable yellow house on the north side of Wisconsin Avenue. This boutique, operated by a husband and wife team of bakers, sells a variety of colorful, gluten-free macarons — French confections similar in size[Read More…]

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