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Rachael Miller, co-founder of the environmental group, the Rozalia Project, debuted her new 
patent on Saturday — a filter ball that removes harmful micro-fibers from washing machines.

Experts Discuss Ocean Health Risks

The Georgetown University Sustainable Oceans Alliance, a student-led environmental advocacy group founded at the university in 2014, hosted its second annual summit in the McDonough School of Business’ Lohrfink Auditorium on Saturday. The summit focused on spearheading ocean sustainability and solutions for solving problems such as ocean acidification, marine health[Read More…]

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To Save the Earth, Save the Oceans

Few people are immune to the mesmerizing spell of the ocean. Its rhythmic ebbs and flows draw you in, and keep you enthralled with otherworldly landscapes. Coral reefs dot the seafloor like brushstrokes in impressionist paintings with millions of free-floating microorganisms building shells and limestone skeletons. The delicate ecological balance[Read More…]

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Indian Politician Talks Climate Change Policy

Jairam Ramesh, a member of India’s Parliament and a senior political leader in the Indian National Congress Party, spoke about the need for climate change policy in a lecture hosted by the Georgetown-India Dialogue and the School of Foreign Service Asian Studies Program in the Intercultural Center auditorium on Friday.[Read More…]

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The Perils of Unlimited Consumption

The Perils of Unlimited Consumption

The drive to live the good life is something all Americans can identify with, and I believe that our generation is characterized by a fixation on conspicuous consumption. A pervasive mindset encourages us to buy, buy and buy — to keep up with, and surpass, people such as theKardashians. What[Read More…]

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Obama’s Climate Action Plan Is Too Little, Too Late

Frustrated by Congressional obstinacy, President Obama took executive action to address climate change on the steps of Old North on Tuesday. He spoke to a crowd in Dahlgren Quadrangle, outlining a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promising renewable energy development, regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and more efficient cars and[Read More…]

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Valuing Sustainability for Future Generations

Georgetown offers ample opportunity to study, reflect on and live by the Jesuit values that define our university. One of the pillars of our Jesuit heritage is learning to be not only bright men and women, but also men and women for others. It is important that we begin to[Read More…]

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Extreme Weather Punctuates Warming

Back in mid-March, when the weather cracked the 70-degree mark for the first time this year, my friend introduced me to a great saying. Across a table at Leo’s, he grandly announced that we were basking in “double appendage” weather. That is, the temperature was finally within the narrow range[Read More…]

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Time for U.S. to Take Lead on Environment, Says Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu called for a cap on carbon emissions in this country and said that the United States should be the leader of a new industrial revolution on Monday evening in Gaston Hall. Noting that the United States historically has been the world’s leader in technological[Read More…]

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