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The Bittersweet Truth of Friendships

Lena Dunham’s “Girls” wrapped up its third season last month on a bleak note. The four girls are falling apart — Jessa’s a drug addict, Shoshanna didn’t graduate, Marnie is miserable and Hannah is fighting with her boyfriend. But they’re also falling apart from each other; their friendships are decaying.[Read More…]

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Snape Doesn’t Deserve Your Sympathy

This is my penultimate column, which feels weird. But since it is my senior year and the end is nigh, it’s time to talk about my biggest pop culture pet peeve: Severus Snape and the people who love him. This is a rant I’ve been sitting on for almost seven[Read More…]

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Spoiler Alert: Suspense is Overrated

Yesterday, my friend texted me a pretty big “House of Cards” spoiler. It wasn’t malicious; he just thought I had finished all the episodes. While a lot of people would be extremely upset if a major plot point had been spoiled for them, I can honestly say that I didn’t[Read More…]

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All I Want for Christmas Is for This Song to Get More Love

Some people dislike December because they hate hearing Christmas music everywhere they go. I am not one of those people. Christmas music is one of the few things that makes the cold, finals and the lack of sunlight bearable. There are the classics, the ones that your parents and grandparents[Read More…]

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Fighting to Unite the Modern World of Nerds

During the 2012 Olympics, British gymnast Jennifer Pinches flashed a hand sign that means nothing to most people. She separated her fingers on both hands in the style of “Star Trek’s” Spock and then crossed her arms. To a small, though constantly growing, segment of the Internet, she did one[Read More…]

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Imagining More Authenticity in Pop Culture

Ask old people about our generation — that of the evil, narcissistic millennials — and they’ll tell you that we’re vain and incapable of meaningful connections. We’re too busy on social media or drinking or interning or something along those lines. There’s something to that, though. Maybe it’s all generations and not[Read More…]

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Finding Films to Change and Grow With Us

There is no great college movie. There is no film that transcends, that speaks to the college or even post-grad experience in a meaningful, interesting way. Most college movies are about frats, whether in the more traditional Animal House-style or the subversive Revenge of the Nerds or House Bunny way. Most of the others are[Read More…]

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Disaster Movies Sell Out a Serious Situation

Imagine this scene: There’s a large, booming explosion and glass shatters. The people scatter; confusion is rampant. What’s happening and who’s doing it are questions that won’t be answered for days or weeks to come. That’s the scenario in many blockbuster movies. The Joker attacks Gotham. Loki demolishes Manhattan with[Read More…]

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Bringing Underrepresented Topics to TV

I watch a lot of television, so I’m constantly asking people if they’ve seen or heard a particular thing in hopes of utilizing a brilliant reference, only to be disappointed by their lack of knowledge. This also means that I’ve heard a lot of the stories that TV shows tend[Read More…]

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Fighting for Friendships, One Show at a Time

Controversial opinion alert: I think my friends are awesome. I kid; obviously most people think their friends are awesome. (If you don’t, you might want to get some new ones.) But I think we don’t talk about friendship enough. Friendships deserve the same attention that romantic relationships get because they[Read More…]

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