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Movie Review: ‘Darkest Hour’

During its invasion of France and Belgium in World War II, the German army cornered British forces in the French coastal town of Dunkirk. As Britain faced its darkest hour and the threat of an invasion loomed, the fates of the European democracies depended on the leadership of British Prime[Read More…]

CHRONICLES FROM COPENHAGEN: Germany’s Election Season Through American Eyes

CHRONICLES FROM COPENHAGEN: Germany’s Election Season Through American Eyes

Angela Merkel’s calm yet determined gaze followed me everywhere in Hamburg, Germany, last weekend. With the parliamentary elections having taken place Sept. 24, seemingly every available sign post and billboard is occupied by the face of a German politician pleading for votes. I accompanied my European Politics class on our[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Bigotry, a Recurring History

I am not an alarmist. But after the recent presidential election, my attitude may have changed. President-elect Donald Trump has turned minority groups into targets for discrimination by taking advantage of the hardships and dissatisfaction voters experienced over the last eight years. Many in the American Jewish community, 71 percent[Read More…]

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CRAIGE: Euro Cup Quarterfinals Preview

CRAIGE: Euro Cup Quarterfinals Preview

In a span of just three days, the European Championship has been whittled down from 16 teams to eight. The strong teams have come out and reasserted their dominance, while the smaller teams have struggled. There have been surprises along the way, notably when Croatia — widely considered a dark horse[Read More…]

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Scholar Commemorates Fall of Berlin Wall

Marc Silberman, a German professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, spoke about his study of East Germany in the 1960s on Thursday in an event entitled “Too Near, Too Far: Watching the GRD Disappear!” as part of the BMW Center for German and European Studies series marking the 25th anniversary[Read More…]

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The U.S. starting XI sing the national anthem before the Belgium-U.S. game on July 1.

U.S. Soccer Team Skill Deserves Global Recognition

After the “Why do Americans call it soccer?” question, the next most frequently asked question that I’ve fielded about U.S. soccer during my semester in Spain and then during my summer in Italy is: Do you really think the U.S. can compete with the best teams in the world? Do[Read More…]

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