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Rallying Despite Setbacks

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding Georgetown Day this year, it’s a relief to hear that the show will go on. While it’s disappointing that the holiday won’t be as extravagant as it has been in the past, we must remember that, ultimately, students make Georgetown Day the celebration we’ve come to[Read More…]

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Georgetown Day to Be Scaled Back

While the lack of a planning committee put this year’s Georgetown Day in jeopardy, students and administrators say a slightly scaled-down version of the annual event will still take place. Organization of the event traditionally begins in the fall semester, but discussions between students and the university about this year’s[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight // 4.1.11

The GU Hawaii Club is a cultural organization dedicated to sharing Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures with the rest of the Georgetown community. Our club is composed of a diverse group of students, who come not only from Hawaii, but from all over the U.S. and the world. Throughout the year, Hawaii[Read More…]

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A Day for Georgetown Calls for a Day Off

With exactly one month until Georgetown Day 2011, many students are already beginning to calculate which of their classes they can afford to skip in order to maximize their time enjoying the day’s festivities. That mindset, of course, puts the faculty in a tough position. Few professors can sacrifice the[Read More…]

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