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Stricter Penalties Set for Georgetown Day

Students face new party-hosting regulations and modified definitions of conduct violations ahead of the 19th annual Georgetown Day, at the same time as the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service has seen an above-average number of calls on the holiday in previous years in comparison to typical days. For the first[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Respect Orthodox Experience

It is April 26, 2019, and our beloved Georgetown Day has finally arrived. I walk out of my Village A apartment to hear “Mr. Brightside” blaring from the rooftops and make my way down the stairs, careful not to trip over the array of red solo cups. Dressed in my[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resources Without Repercussions

To Whom It May Concern: We wanted to follow up on the April 4 article in The Hoya concerning the “Save Georgetown Day” initiative [“GUSA Launches Save Georgetown Day Initiative,” The Hoya, April 4, 2017, A5] so that we could further clarify the privacy and confidentiality of Georgetown Emergency Response Medical[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Resources Over Restriction

Between a funding cut and a potential university-led crackdown, Georgetown Day — a time-honored campus tradition since 2000 — may be in trouble. University concerns over excessive noise and class disruption have led the celebration to be scrutinized by the faculty, who created a committee last fall dedicated to “evaluating[Read More…]

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GUSA will host a Save Georgetown Day event Tuesday in an effort to encourage responsible behavior on the day.

GUSA Launches Save Georgetown Day Initiative

The university is planning to collect data on April 28’s Georgetown Day conduct violations, including Georgetown University Police Department calls, leading the Georgetown University Student Association to hold a “Save Georgetown Day” event April 28 in an effort to encourage students to be more responsible. GUSA President Kamar Mack (COL[Read More…]

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Brains, Booze and Bad Decisions

Around this time last year in the spring of 2015, I saw a poster on campus that read “Make Good Decisions.” This poster was obviously in reference to Georgetown Day, the last Friday of classes during the spring semester. Since its inception 16 years ago, it has been tradition for[Read More…]

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Inside Dixie Liquor

“You want one?” The unmistakable voice of Sean Clark rang out across his tidy store. Clark, who co-owns and manages Dixie Liquor on M Street, handed his customer a clear plastic cup shallowly filled with a dark amber liquid. An apparent regular, the customer took the cup, and after a[Read More…]

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Students listen to a capella performances on Copley Lawn during Georgetown Day, the annual campus-wide celebration of the end of spring semester.

Georgetown Day Celebrates 15 Years

This year’s Georgetown Day will continue the event’s fifteen-year tradition of celebrating the campus community with a larger variety of events for both students and faculty. Activities today will officially begin at 6 a.m. with the faculty and staff appreciation breakfast in the Copley Formal Lounge. One professor will be[Read More…]

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Alexander Brown/The Hoya

The High Price Tag of Georgetown Day

A bottle of André costs $4.99, and a Georgetown tank from the campus bookstore costs $20. The total price tag for Georgetown Day this year, however, is slightly more expensive, coming in at around $50,000. The day of celebration on the last Friday of classes, this year April 25, generally[Read More…]

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Final Fin/App Budget Released

Final Fin/App Budget Released

The GUSA Finance and Appropriations Committee released its final budget for the 2015 fiscal year, cutting the Collegiate Readership Program and funding for GUSA while also putting Georgetown Day under the control of the Division of Student Affairs. The budget, released March 21, is projected at $998,400, in response to[Read More…]

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