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The new 477,000-square-foot pavilion is expected to cost $567 million and to be completed by December 2022, two years later than initially estimated.

MedStar Georgetown Construction to Begin January 2018

Construction on a new medical/surgical pavilion and helipad at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital will begin in January 2018, in accordance with the 2017-2036 Campus Plan. The new 477,000-square-foot pavilion is expected to cost $567 million and to be completed by December 2022, two years later than initially estimated. The project[Read More…]

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University Responds to Litter Accumulation

Students have reported an accumulation of trash in the hallways, walkways and bushes of on-campus apartments such as Village A and Henle Village after the Office of Planning and Facilities Management began consolidating trash disposal services in off-campus townhouses last year. Trash in Alumni Square and Nevils Village has also[Read More…]

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Georgetown filed the finalized the 2017-2036 Campus Plan yesterday after months of deliberation.

Georgetown Finalizes Campus Plan

After months of deliberation, the university filed the finalized version of the 2017-2036 Campus Plan with the District of Columbia Zoning Commission for its consideration and approval yesterday, solidifying a plan that prioritizes upperclassman student housing renovations, allows the renovation or construction of academic spaces in four different parts of[Read More…]

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The Georgetown Community Partnership released a draft of the 2017-2036 Campus Plan on June 6.

GCP Releases Draft Campus Plan

The 2017-2036 Campus Plan will prioritize upperclassman student housing renovations, as well as athletic and academic facilities, according to a draft of the plan released by the Georgetown Community Partnership on June 6. The draft also outlines plans for an expansion of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital to include a[Read More…]

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The Georgetown Community Partnership plans to announce the 2017-37 Campus Plan framework in early June.

Campus Plan Framework to Be Announced

Student leaders and university administrators in the Georgetown Community Partnership expect to announce the 2017 Campus Plan’s framework — which will include plans to prioritize student housing renovations — for public consultation in early June. The draft plan is set to be submitted to the Office of Zoning by July[Read More…]

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Students Appointed to Georgetown Community Partnership Steering Committee

In a progressive move for student-neighborhood relations, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners Kendyl Clausen (SFS ’16) and Reed Howard (SFS ’17) were unanimously appointed additional student representatives to the Georgetown Community Partnership Steering Committee on July 10. Prior to their appointment, only one undergraduate, the sitting Georgetown University Student Association president, served[Read More…]

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Engaging the Wrong Community

Engaging the Wrong Community

The number of complaints we’ve heard about Counseling and Psychiatric Services is unacceptable. With mental health at the forefront of national dialogue, it is no wonder that students have penned op-ed after op-ed after op-ed decrying what they perceive as CAPS’ failure to provide adequate treatment. While we urgently need to improve CAPS (and student government is trying),[Read More…]

The blocked Reiss Pathway was one of many consequences of campus construction.

Before 2018 Plan, Construction Crowds Campus

Drilling and hammering sounds became background noise to students this past academic year. Multiple construction projects — many still in progress — yielded the opening of new buildings and the closing of familiar spots on campus, much to the dismay of students who claimed that the planning of these projects[Read More…]

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FILE PHOTO: DANIEL SMITH/THE HOYAn\ings will determine the future of the 2018 Campus Plan.

Next Executive Key to 2018 Campus Plan

The next Georgetown University Student Association executive, who will be elected next week, will play an important role in the upcoming negotiations for the 2018 Campus Plan. The university and the neighboring community will negotiate to solidify plans for the next 20 years of construction and maintenance around campus as[Read More…]

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Brown’s Disorderly Conduct

The Georgetown Community Partnership signifies — supposedly — a renewed respect for town-gown relations. While the university has bent over backwards to show its commitment to this summer’s campus plan agreement, an antagonistic website like Burleith resident Stephen Brown’s does not share that spirit and should be reprimanded by[Read More…]

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