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CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE: LGBTQ Activists Fight for University Recognition

In September 2007, a Georgetown University student was attacked by a group of men, including another Georgetown student, according to The Hoya and The Washington Examiner. The attackers yelled homophobic slurs at the victim, who suffered cuts, bruises and a broken thumb. The incident was just one example in a[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Love, Simon’

★★★★★ Amid the tired and unsatisfying crowd of coming-of-age movies and high school romantic comedies plaguing the 2010s, “Love, Simon” is a refreshing breath of authentic, modern and unapologetic gay teenage identity. Set in a picturesque Atlanta suburb, “Love, Simon” tells the story of 17-year-old Simon Spier, played by Nick[Read More…]

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The Truth Behind the Stereotypes

‘There are just so many gay guys at Georgetown.” I hate this sentence, and I hear it way too much. Frequently, this line of thinking leads people to believe that Georgetown is some kind of “gay-topia,” that Georgetown guys who are not straight go through college having never experienced actual[Read More…]

The Struggle Within: A Soldier’s Hidden War

The Struggle Within: A Soldier’s Hidden War

Jonathan Hopkins was a casualty of war, though not the kind he had been trained to fight. As a West Point cadet, Hopkins, now a graduate student at Georgetown, had been schooled in the intricacies of international relations. As an infantry officer, he had been drilled in effective combat techniques.[Read More…]

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