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LLOYD: A Dissent In the Face Of Tradition

LLOYD: A Dissent In the Face Of Tradition

The Catholic Church and some of its leaders have been wrong. From the prosecution of Galileo and his findings to the treatment of victims of sexual abuse in recent years, the church has proven itself to be a fallible institution, sometimes disastrously so. This is not meant to belittle or[Read More…]

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Intolerance Disguised as Discussion

Intolerance Disguised as Discussion

At the end of Love Saxa’s lecture, “Marriage: A Social Justice Issue?” last week Director of Adult Faith Formation Ennio Mastroianni argued for the value of bringing Ryan Anderson — who wrote a book opposing same-sex marriage — to campus. “I think that we can all agree that Ryan made[Read More…]

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Think Before You Speak

Like all Catholic universities, Georgetown has grappled with crafting policy and public positions on gay rights matters. At times, university administrators have put their feet down on the subject; other times, they’ve put their feet in their mouths. In a Sept. 19 feature appearing in the Georgetown Voice about the[Read More…]

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LGBTQIA Group Protests at Love Saxa

LGBTQIA Group Protests at Love Saxa

In the back of Mark Regnerus’ lecture on “the mating market” Thursday night sat a small but readily visible group of students wearing GU Pride T-shirts and holding rainbow flags. The group, representatives of Georgetown’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, asexual and ally community, attended the event, which was[Read More…]

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STERN: Obama Sets Tone for Gay Rights Debate

STERN: Obama Sets Tone for Gay Rights Debate

President Obama’s second inaugural speech was many things to many people: a renewed battle cry for liberalism, a warning to obstructionist Republicans and an unflinching endorsement of the social safety net. But also embedded in the president’s address was  an epochal proclamation. “Our journey is not yet complete until our[Read More…]

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MTV Filmed Live on Campus

MTV filmed live from campus, allowing students to pose questions to the presidential candidates in Healy Circle Friday afternoon. MTV News correspondent Andrew Jenks interviewed nearly 40 students, who were selected through a short application on Wed. The student questions corresponded to a a live online segment of a televised[Read More…]

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STERN: Gays Await High Court

Who gets the equal protection of the laws in the United States? Since the passage of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution in 1868, this has been a critical question in American jurisprudence. Do black people? The Supreme Court did not say so until 1954 in Brown v. Board of Education. Do[Read More…]

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As Bias Lingers, LGBTQ Students Need Safeguards

Upon reading “Acceptance Shouldn’t Be Optional, but Expected” (The Hoya, A3, March 27, 2012), we were excited to see campus issues pertinent to the LGBTQ community at Georgetown entering conversations here in a significant way. While I do not disagree that dialogue is a part of a Georgetown education, and that dialoguespecifically on acceptance of LGBTQ members needs[Read More…]

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‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Protects Personal Privacy in Military

The controversial “don’t ask don’t tell” policy has been under fire, fueling debate in many circles ranging from government to civil society. As a U.S. Marine who was honorably discharged after over eight years of military service, I have my own perspective on DADT, and I want you to hear[Read More…]

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Obama Wrong on Gay Rights

Last week, Republicans in the Senate led a filibuster to prevent debate on a bill that would repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law – the military policy barring openly gay soldiers from service – a move that will go down in history as another right-wing obstruction of equal rights[Read More…]

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