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‘Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience’ Combines Orchestra With Visuals for an Epic Experience

The “Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience” is the perfect immersive experience into the world of Westeros for dedicated fans of the Emmy Award-winning HBO show “Game of Thrones.” Through the spectacular use of visuals and riveting orchestral performances, German-Iranian composer Ramin Djawadi took fans on an epic musical journey[Read More…]

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A.V. ID: Introducing TV’s Greatest Title Sequences

A.V. ID: Introducing TV’s Greatest Title Sequences

Title sequences serve an important role beyond simply introducing the cast and crew of a TV show. Rather, they have the unique ability to pique a viewer’s interest in watching the show, and in some cases, even foreshadow the events of a given episode. The most successful TV intros are[Read More…]

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TV Shows To Catch This Summer

‘Master of None’ When “Master of None” premiered on Netflix in 2015, viewers of the show were instantly captivated by its stunning authenticity and witty humor, lauding comedian Aziz Ansari for writing such a thoughtful and culturally relevant script. The show addresses the personal issues faced by its main character,[Read More…]

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Concert Review: “Game of Thrones” Live Concert Experience

A sudden thrust of a chorus of violins began the concert with the iconic opening theme of “Game of Thrones.” Smoke billowed from center stage as the Iron Throne rose from beneath. Giant screens synced with the orchestra’s performance played the “Game of Thrones” title sequence, drawing the audience into[Read More…]


In season four, Ygritte (Rose Leslie) and Thormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju) prepare to march on the South.

Television Review: ‘Game of Thrones’

★★★★★   This article contains spoilers.   This Sunday, “Game of Thrones” returned with its fourth season, so highly anticipated that reported that viewership had increased 52 percent since the third season opener and HBO Go crashed from the amount of traffic. But although the show ended on a[Read More…]

The Beauty of the Red Wedding

It always takes me a little while to process things, so in the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s “Game of Thrones,” unlike most people I know, I did not immediately take to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to announce strong feelings about the events that transpired. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,[Read More…]

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MONOD: On TV, Nerds Find Popularity

MONOD: On TV, Nerds Find Popularity

An austere-sounding announcer speaks over an eerie soundtrack. This is the beginning of nearly every modern political attack ad. Only this time, the target is different.  The announcer says, “Daenerys Targaryen: She says she’s the mother of dragons. But would you trust her with your children?” This is a parody of the[Read More…]

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TV Favorites Return This Summer

TV Favorites Return This Summer

Summer: It’s a season filled with cookouts, beach trips and time by the pool. It’s also a season marked by the quintessential summer blockbuster. Action films with big explosions and even bigger budgets draw viewers to theaters en masse after the sun sets and the grill cools. Between The Avengers,[Read More…]

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Sophomore Season Brings ‘Game of Thrones’ to the Next Level

Sophomore Season Brings ‘Game of Thrones’ to the Next Level

Unless you have been living under a pop-cultural rock, then you have already heard of HBO’s epic fantasy, “Game of Thrones.” Based on the immensely popular A Song of Ice and Fire trilogy by George R.R. Martin, this hit new season promises just as much sex, violence and political conniving as the[Read More…]

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