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The admissions yield remained constant, with a disparity in yield for those who did and did not apply for financial aid.

Admissions Yield Holds Steady

Georgetown University’s admissions yield for the Class of 2020 remained steady, increasing slightly to 48 percent from last year’s rate of 47.6 percent, as of May 2. The admissions yield refers to the number of accepted students who choose to enroll in the university. The target enrollment for each class[Read More…]

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Filling the Diversity GAAP

Filling the Diversity GAAP

I woke up late last Saturday and had to rush to clean my room. The Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program students were coming in 30 minutes, and I needed to get my life together before they arrived. I remembered the rooms I toured last year — decked out in brightly colored[Read More…]

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Breaking Ice And Finding Home

GAAP Weekend 2014: raining, cold, disgusting. A five-and-a-half hour car ride turned inexplicably into seven. All of the pieces for a terrible experience at Georgetown had aligned in some sort of cosmic joke. I had toured in July 2013 prior to applying; it was hot and humid, campus was deserted.[Read More…]

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Admissions Rate Remains Steady at 16.4 Percent

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions accepted 3,202 applicants to the Class of 2019 for an overall acceptance rate of 16.4 percent, a rate that remains steady from the previous year. Decisions for the regular application cycle were mailed out Friday. Georgetown received 19,481 applications to the Class of 2019. While[Read More…]

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Admissions Yield Dips For 2018

Georgetown saw a slight decline in its admissions yield this year, with 46 percent of students accepted to the Class of 2018 enrolling at Georgetown compared to last year’s rate of 47.4 percent. Of the 3,232 students admitted to Georgetown this year, 1,525 chose to enroll and submitted deposits by[Read More…]

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Finding Friends on the Backburner at GAAP

For many prospective students descending on campus today, the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program weekends are more about connecting with Georgetown itself than with other accepted students. The majority of students come to GAAP in an attempt to see if the academics are the right fit. “I took it from a[Read More…]

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The Purgatory of Pluralism: Admissions, Rejections and Waitlists

This weekend, high school students from across the nation received their admission decisions from Georgetown and similar top schools. Upcoming GAAP weekends will bring in even more admitted students than last weekend’s did, and our annual campaign to convince the admitted to enroll will begin. So much of the admissions[Read More…]

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GAAP Fosters GU Tradition

Inspired by their own experiences as prospective students, 250 volunteers will introduce 400 high school seniors to the Hilltop this weekend. The two-day event is first of three weekends organized by the Georgetown Admissions Ambassadors Program for accepted students. This weekend is for students who have been accepted through early[Read More…]

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Weekend Tries to Increase Minority Enrollment

With universities across the country competing for top students, Hoya Saxa Weekend aims to attract minority students through a weekend of campus immersion. On Thursday, 83 accepted students joined current Georgetown students to participate in the 11th annual Hoya Saxa Weekend. Born as a pre-admission program called Minority Hosting Weekend,[Read More…]

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Waitlist Closed as Yield Nears 50%

Waitlist Closed as Yield Nears 50%

Georgetown will not be offering any spots to students still on the school’s waitlist after nearly half of all accepted students for the class of 2015 opted to attend the Hilltop this fall. The 48.5 percent yield rate represents a significant increase from those of previous years. The classes of[Read More…]

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