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Funding Cuts Reduce Access for Club Sports Athletes

Funding Cuts Reduce Access for Club Sports Athletes

Multiple Georgetown club sports teams expect obstacles to financial accessibility for students after the Advisory Board for Club Sports saw its funding decreased for the 2019-20 school year. The budget decrease for ABCS, which supervises the overall administration and policies for the 34 club sports on campus, was approved by[Read More…]

MARGARET FOUBERG/THE HOYA | The Georgetown University Student Association senate, headed by GUSA senate speaker Eliza Lafferty (COL ’21), right, and vice speaker Patrick Walsh (SFS ’21), left, reallocated an additional $1,222.39 to GUSA before approving the 2019-2020 fiscal year student activities budget March 24.

GUSA Senate Approves Student Activities Budget

The full Georgetown University Student Association senate voted unanimously to approve the 2019-20 fiscal year student activities budget March 24, after passing an amendment to change the budget previously approved by the finance and appropriations committee. The amendment, proposed by FinApp Chair Hayley Grande (COL ’21), reallocated funds from the[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Dedicate Resources to CAPS

Nearly every syllabus emphasizes that Georgetown Counseling and Psychiatric Services is at your disposal if you are in need of mental health care. And yet, with student demand for services surpassing CAPS’ ability to provide them, mental health support for Georgetown students is far too often just an illusion. As[Read More…]

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Tuition Set to Fund Improvements to Student Housing, Administrators Say

Money from student tuition will fund financial aid, expand mental health resources and improve student housing, university administrators said at the Hoya Roundtable on tuition rate-setting in the Healey Family Student Center Great Room on Nov. 5. Provost Robert Groves and Chief Operating Officer Geoff Chatas hosted the roundtable in[Read More…]

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Students gather in the Healey Family Student Center to hear arguments in the Monday SAC hearing on Love Saxa.

Love Saxa Keeps University Funding After SAC Rejects Complaint

Student group Love Saxa is keeping its university funding and recognized status after the Student Activities Commission voted early this morning to recommend no action against the group. The commission voted 8-4 to reject a complaint filed by student LGBTQ activists Chad Gasman (COL ’20) and Jasmin Ouseph (SFS ’19)[Read More…]

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Love Saxa Funding, Status Remain Uncertain After Vote Postponed

The fate of student group Love Saxa’s funding and status as a university-recognized club remains uncertain after a meeting of the Student Activities Commission ended without a vote early Tuesday morning. The committee heard the complaint of two students opposed to Love Saxa, who argued that the university should not[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Finding the Funds to Fight Disease

VIEWPOINT: Finding the Funds to Fight Disease

There are seven common tropical diseases, also known as neglected tropical diseases, that collectively infect more than 1 billion, most of whom are living in abject poverty: whipworm, hookworm, roundworm, trachoma, river blindness, elephantiasis and snail fever. Advocacy organizations like END7 and the Gates Foundation seek to end these neglected[Read More…]

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An Easy Fix For Subscription Woes

At Georgetown, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding extends far beyond our gates. Our environment challenges us to learn more about real world issues that directly impact our lives. Therefore, it is imperative that the university offer opportunities and resources for students to fuel further our passion for learning. One[Read More…]

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Follow the Jewish Studies Program Model

This week, Georgetown launched the new Center for Jewish Civilization, a significant expansion to the already existing program, buffered by a $10 million donation dedicated to Holocaust research. The Jewish studies program at Georgetown was founded in 2003 by the late Rabbi Harold S. White, a longtime Jewish chaplain on[Read More…]

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Holiday Housing

Holiday Housing

Georgetown students living on campus are required to leave their dorms within 24 hours after the last final exam is offered. Some students face uncertainty regarding housing arrangements over winter break, stemming from independence or unstable home situations. The Georgetown Scholarship Program, Students of Georgetown, Inc., the Georgetown University Student[Read More…]

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