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HICKLE & MONETON: The Friendship in Between

HICKLE & MONETON: The Friendship in Between

We did not plan to write this together, but of course, here we are. Weeks before graduation, Jessica sat staring at a blank Microsoft Word document and asked Andrea for ideas. Our conversation concluded with a decision to write this reflection the same way we do everything: together. Andrea Incoming[Read More…]

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JACOBS & SINGER: We’re Sorry for Our Friendship

JACOBS & SINGER: We’re Sorry for Our Friendship

Jesse Jacobs and Ellie Singer have spent most of their time at Georgetown causing trouble and eating stolen food. While they recognize the problems they have created, they would not take back a second of their experience becoming and remaining friends. Read the sixth installment of the Senior Compass Series[Read More…]

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RIOS: Alone Under the Stars

RIOS: Alone Under the Stars

Building lasting friendship is difficult for many Georgetown students — including Brittany Rios. In the third installment of this year’s Senior Compass Series, Rios discusses a tumultuous relationship and offers some advice.

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HARDING: Maintain Evolving Friendships

HARDING: Maintain Evolving Friendships

As a senior, I have had the true fortune of living with the same people for almost all of my time at Georgetown. I often consider my roommates to be family, especially because my biological family live on the opposite side of the country in Oregon. Undoubtedly, my friends have[Read More…]

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Meeting Professors In Their Natural Habitat

This fall, I started playing weekly tennis games with one of my professors. I had taken a course with him in the spring, we had become friendly and both enjoyed tennis, though we both found discovering people to play with difficult. Nothing about this felt odd until I started telling[Read More…]

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A Concert and An Unusual Friendship

In 1892, a Stanford University student of the Pioneer Class arranged for the famous pianist, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, to come and perform at Stanford. Paderewski was a world-renowned concert pianist and composer in the late 19th and early 20th century. He had been touring across Europe and North America at[Read More…]

CIESEMIER & SQUIRES: Facilitate Georgetown’s Culture of Diversity

One of the bittersweet joys of senior year is seeing your campus evolve without you; watching younger students, with as much love and passion for this place as you have, take steps to improve the quality of experience here, and feeling proud to watch this change happen. This is how[Read More…]

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The Bittersweet Truth of Friendships

Lena Dunham’s “Girls” wrapped up its third season last month on a bleak note. The four girls are falling apart — Jessa’s a drug addict, Shoshanna didn’t graduate, Marnie is miserable and Hannah is fighting with her boyfriend. But they’re also falling apart from each other; their friendships are decaying.[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘The Lunchbox’

“The Lunchbox” revolves around something we are all familiar with from our childhood — a literal lunchbox — and creates a complex and powerful message behind this simple object. Refreshingly subtle and profound, this Indian romance film, directed by Ritesh Batra, provides an entertaining contrast to predictable movies by not[Read More…]

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ALBORNOZ: High Marks on a Test of Friendship

From a young age, we are taught the Golden Rule: to treat others as we wish to be treated. It is rooted in our basic humanity, which impels us, regardless of religion, culture or education, to recognize every human being’s fundamental need to belong somewhere and to feel loved —[Read More…]

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