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Clint, Kobe Kindred Spirits

Meet Clint Dempsey, a 29-year-old United States national team forward and arguably the most talented field player American soccer has ever produced. Dempsey is currently the third leading scorer of all time for the men’s national team, and he expects to continue to rise up the ranks as the face[Read More…]

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Rams to London Logical Next Step for Kroenke

American real estate magnate and sports capitalist Stan Kroenke had a lot on his plate this weekend: The owner of five major sports teams has to constantly battle jet lag, sleep deprivation and media attention. Kroenke, who controls Arsenal as well as the St. Louis Rams, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche,[Read More…]

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Rose Addition Boosts ESPN In Competition With TNT

With the NBA season about to begin, ESPN and ABC unveiled their new studio team last week. Former Laker great Magic Johnson and longtime analyst Mike Wilbon will return alongside popular Bill Simmons. Despite Simmons’ reputation as a zealous fan and critic, the group still lacked something. In order to[Read More…]

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The Brazilian Name Game

Last Wednesday, club soccer powerhouses Chelsea and Juventus played to a 2-2 draw in the opening game of this year’s UEFA Champions League group stages. The game was marked by stiff play, trademark Italian soccer resilience and one insane goal that had tweeters across the globe hashtagging “SportsCenterTop10” left and[Read More…]

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Jeter Deserves Benefit of the Doubt

Very few players in sports history have earned the title “iconic.” Derek Jeter, current New York Yankees shortstop and 13-time MLB All-Star, is one of those players. Jeter is iconic to the city of New York, the biggest and brightest sports market in the world. He’s iconic to every player[Read More…]

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Americans Lag Behind World’s Elite Teams

The No. 33 squad in the FIFA World Rankings, the U.S. men’s soccer team will take on Jamaica today in the third of its six semifinal-round World Cup qualifying matches. Some have dubbed the team’s low ranking undeserved, while others have argued that it’s just right. Right or not, the[Read More…]

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