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Kenneth Wollack, president of the National Democratic Institute said he classified himself as a political optimist despite the current negative trends in worldwide democracy that are causing others in his field to worry.

Thinktank Leaders Discuss Decline of American Freedoms

Global political and economic conflicts pose a threat to democracy, according to Annie Wilcox Boyajian, the lead advocacy manager at Freedom House, an independent organization that ranks countries based on their freedoms. Boyajian spoke at a panel event called “Leading From Below: Democracy Support in a New Era,” hosted by[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Narrow American Principles

NGUYEN: Narrow American Principles

There’s no hope for the rest of us. By that, I mean anyone whose heritage, values and principles are not wholly consistent with what are deemed “American” principles. That is what I got out of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s recent interview on “Meet the Press,” during which he insinuated[Read More…]

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Madeleine Albright to Receive Medal of Freedom

Former US Secretary of State and Georgetown professor Madeleine Albright will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom later this spring. The award is the highest honor an American civilian can receive. The first female Secretary of State, Albright served from 1997 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton. A press[Read More…]

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Georgetown Professor Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

World War Two Polish resistance fighter and Georgetown scholar Jan Karski (G’52, H’83) will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, President Barack Obama announced this morning. Karski had served as an officer in the Polish Underground during WWII and reported the atrocities committed during the Holocaust to the British and American governments. In[Read More…]

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A Revolution Turns One

On Jan. 25 of last year, the people of Egypt rose up to demand freedom and a different course for their country. They went to the streets of Suez, Alexandria and Cairo, without religious or personal motives, but rather because they had lived in a country that denied them freedom[Read More…]

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Jackson: The Price of Liberty

Freedom. From the Tunisian revolution to the more Egyptian upheaval, quests for freedom have been erupting all over the world. More recently, there have been strong revolutionary actions in Bahrain and Libya. No longer able to tolerate oppression, citizens of these countries want the independence they feel is rightfully theirs.[Read More…]

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Enthralling Read Intimately Portrays Dynamic Characters

I’m not going to open this review of Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel, Freedom, with a few hokey lines, overwrought with cliches about what freedom represents to so many people, and then saying that it now means something entirely different to the literate world. Enough has been said of the work already[Read More…]

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