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VIEWPOINT: Divest From Fossil Fuels

Despite preaching the perils of climate change in the classroom and promoting values of stewardship, Georgetown University invests part of its endowment in the fossil fuel industry. Georgetown University Fossil Free published an op-ed in The Hoya five years ago to publicize its proposal calling on the university to divest[Read More…]

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GUFF Pushes University to Divest From Fossil Fuel

GUFF Pushes University to Divest From Fossil Fuel

GU Fossil Free, a campus student group advocating for Georgetown University to adopt socially responsible investment policies, submitted a proposal Jan. 16 calling for Georgetown to completely divest its $1.5 billion endowment fund from all fossil fuel energy companies. The proposal calls on the university to cease all new investments[Read More…]

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University to Divest From Tar Sand Extraction

University to Divest From Tar Sand Extraction

Georgetown University is set to divest from companies whose primary business involves the extraction of tar sands, according to a June 7 news release from the university. At the June meeting of the university’s board of directors, the Committee on Finance and Administration supported a recommendation from the Committee on Investments[Read More…]

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Professor Paasha Mahdavi, along with professors from UCLA, found that low gasoline taxes are hindering climate change progress.

Countries Fail to Curb Fossil Fuels

Governments are not discouraging fossil fuel consumption, according to Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy professor Paasha Mahdavi and University of California, Los Angeles professor Michael L. Ross in their paper “Nature Energy” published Jan. 9. The researchers analyzed global gasoline prices, taxes and subsidies in “Global Progress and[Read More…]

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Vote Yes to Divest

Vote Yes to Divest

For too long, Georgetown University — and the vast majority of its peers — has invested in fossil fuels. For too long, these investments have given financial support to companies that significantly contribute to a rapidly changing climate. For too long, these investments have disproportionately affected minority groups and impoverished nations.[Read More…]

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KHAN: Consider Dangers of Divestment

KHAN: Consider Dangers of Divestment

Georgetown’s board of directors decided to end the university’s direct investment of endowment monies in coal this summer. Over the past few months, Georgetown University Fossil Free has committed itself to divesting the rest of our endowment from fossil fuels. Employing charged rhetoric and exaggerated cautionary tales, it claims in[Read More…]

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University Pulls out of Coal Investments

The decision came Thursday, as the third day of board meetings came to a close. GU Fossil Free, an organization dedicated to full divestment from fossil fuel companies, expressed disappointment with the vote in a statement released shortly following the announcement. “GU Fossil Free maintains that this is not a[Read More…]

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Members of GU Fossil Free, after the release of the board's decision.

Board Resolution Ends Direct Investment in Coal

The university’s board of directors voted today to cease direct investment in coal companies, affirming the recommendation of the board’s working group. According to the resolution, the working group, which considered the proposals of both GU Fossil Free and the Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility, recommended a three-fold course of[Read More…]

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Reimagining A Brighter Tomorrow

Reimagining A Brighter Tomorrow

A recent working paper by the International Monetary Fund found that the total annual cost on the global economy from fossil fuel subsidies amounts to $5.3 trillion, or 6 percent of global GDP. Even more surprisingly, poor countries dole out the largest amount of these subsidies. Subsidies and the exclusion[Read More…]

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Faculty Letter Backs Fossil Free

GU Fossil Free submitted an open letter signed by 97 faculty members calling for the university to divest from the top 200 fossil fuel companies to the Office of the President on Wednesday. The letter, which was released on GU Fossil Free’s website, circulated among faculty last Wednesday after it[Read More…]

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