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Movie Review: ‘Loveless’

★★★★★ “Loveless” paints a bleak, captivating portrait of the painful anger of a broken family and of humanity’s capacity for connection and love. The Russian-language film, subtitled in English, tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Alexey, who disappears after overhearing a brutal fight between his divorcing parents. As the[Read More…]

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Adapting to the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky

“Please do not put your hat on the floor,” my host sister, Khaliun, says to me as she picks up my blue Patagonia hat from the floor and carefully places it on the nightstand next to my bed. “Great, your first hour in the country, and you have already disrespected[Read More…]

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The Persistence of Memory at Auschwitz

I spent my spring break with 32 other students from Georgetown and Seton Hill University on a Holocaust Forensics trip to Poland and Belarus. My experiences on this trip have changed me and will have a permanent place in my consciousness. What I saw gave me hope for our future,[Read More…]

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Fading Fluency

While wandering the lower floors of the ICC, it is common to hear a multiplicity of languages — from those poring over upper-level Arabic texts to a gaggle of introductory French students reviewing new vocabulary. Georgetown prides itself on the array of language programs available to students. With over 20[Read More…]

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Tokyo’s Ambiguous Aesthetics

Tokyo’s Ambiguous Aesthetics

Beauty has been chronically difficult to define. Nebulous by nature, its form floats adrift like clouds across a capricious sky, lacking clear borders, resisting prediction. For three months now, I have lived in a climate of aesthetic standards that is far removed from the ambience and vistas to which I[Read More…]

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What Studying Abroad Does (and Doesn’t Do) for You

One of the major decisions an early 20-something has to make in college is whether to study abroad. When asked to describe their experience abroad, returning students usually claim that it was “amazing” and “life-changing.” Although studying abroad is both of these things, it’s this way for some unexpected reasons.[Read More…]

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