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Movie Review: ‘Land of Mine’

★★★★★ Films about World War II typically deal with similar stories, similar types of characters or similar types of narrative voices. As a subject of film, war has always been wildly popular, but what this genre sometimes lacks is the process of healing — or lack thereof — that comes[Read More…]

Movie Review: ‘Wild Tales’

Movie Review: ‘Wild Tales’

★★★★☆ The foreign film “Wild Tales” certainly lives up to its name. Technically, it is a collection of six short films that all share the common theme of vengeance and violence.  Directed by the Argentinian director Damian Szifron, the movie was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film[Read More…]

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Gripping Film Displays Journey of Self-Discovery

Poland, 1962. Winter. Anna (Agata Trzebuchowska) is preparing to take her vows at the austere convent out in the countryside where she has lived since infancy. The Mother Superior calls her in for a meeting: Anna’s aunt Wanda (Agata Kulesza), a controversial judge and public figure with a drinking problem,[Read More…]

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Polish Film Explores Human Complexities

Communication. Fate. Kinship. Moral responsibility. Such topics may seem better suited to your next philosophy class than to a movie, yet they happen to be central to one of the greatest films of the 1990s — and for my money, of all time. The late Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski undertook[Read More…]

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Jarring Foreign Film Delivers Heated Action

Quebeçois director Denis Villenueve crafts a dark and complex narrative in his 2010 film Incendies, adapted from Wajdi Mouawad’s play “Scorched.” The film earned a Best Foreign Language Film nomination at this past year’s Academy Awards. The intricate story begins with brother and sister Simon and Jeanne Marwan (Maxim Gaudette[Read More…]

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