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Campus Spotlight // Gastronomes

You might be wondering, what exactly are Gastronomes? Our name is derived from the word “gastronomy,” the study of food and cooking. So if you’re sick of Leo’s and want something refreshingly exotic to eat, stop by one of our meetings. We welcome everyone, from master chefs to those who would[Read More…]

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There’s Not Much to Get Excited About at Cafe Meh-lano

There’s Not Much to Get Excited About at Cafe Meh-lano

Cafe Milano is not your average Italian restaurant. Opened in 1992, Cafe Milano has become like The Tombs and Tuscany’s — a place of tradition. Of course, Cafe Milano is very different from either of those restaurants. Having won “Power Spot of the Year” in the 2005 RAMMYS, the “Oscars of[Read More…]

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DC’s Gourmet Evolution

DC’s Gourmet Evolution

In a city where the power lunch long dominated, where suit-clad individuals traditionally brokered important decisions at the local steakhouse, food often took a back seat to politics and power. D.C. prides itself on being a center of power and influence, but for decades it lacked culinary power to match its[Read More…]

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Food Studies Cluster Approved

Georgetown’s foodies will no longer have to head off campus to get their culinary fix. The university plans to address students’ gastronomic interests through an initiative for a food studies cluster passed Friday to be implemented next semester. The grouping, which is being spearheaded by associate professor of French and Francophone studies[Read More…]

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FDA to Fund Drug Research Center at GU

The Food and Drug Administration awarded  a $1 million grant to fund the establishment of a Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation at the Georgetown University Medical Center. “CERSI is vitally important because sound regulation requires the highest levels of science and evidence,” said Lawrence Gostin, co-principal investigator for the[Read More…]

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Brushing Shoulders With DC’s Elite

Any budding politician or political junkie should dine at The Caucus Room at least once during his or her time at Georgetown. Thanks to its proximity to Capitol Hill, The Caucus Room is a known favorite among congressmen, journalists and other government powerhouses. The chance for a politician sighting while[Read More…]

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Ripples of Water Necessary to Wash Down Meal

Located across from the historic Uptown Theater in Cleveland Park, Ripple aims to please trendy, green-minded foodies. The eatery, run by Executive Chef Logan Cox, is divided in two, with one side dedicated to snacking on a large selection of cheeses and meats and the other reserved for dining on dishes[Read More…]

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Bakery Gets the Basics Right

Bakery Gets the Basics Right

For food establishments in Washington, D.C., there’s a trend of elevation. Food stands have been elevated to food trucks, and at places such as Georgetown Cupcake and Baked & Wired, cupcakes are now considered delicacies. In line with this trend, Firehook Bakery boasts its simple, standard, yet delicious and reasonably priced fares that[Read More…]

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Make Way for DC’s Next Italian Hotspot

Make Way for DC’s Next Italian Hotspot

Looking for somewhere to go when your family is in town? Want to venture outside of the Georgetown bubble? If you are exploring the monuments or Capitol Hill, Potenza is a great place to dine. Located just two blocks from the White House, on the corner of 15th and H Streets Potenza boasts a spacious dining[Read More…]

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One Night in Paris

This summer, I experienced a tour-de-force of food on a trip to Paris. There, I tasted heaven daily through the delicacies of the simple yet consistently amazing French cuisine. Needless to say, upon returning to Georgetown and the dull experience of Leo’s, I began craving the food I enjoyed during[Read More…]

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