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ELLIE STAAB FOR THE HOYA OWN IT highlighted historical perspectives from women that are not always included in standard analysis

OWN IT Highlights Forgotten Female Narratives in History

The sixth annual OWN IT Summit brought women from the public and private sectors to Georgetown University on Saturday to highlight leading women that not only broke barriers, but also used their influence to uplift other women. Approximately 215 people attended this year’s OWN IT Summit, a conference aimed at[Read More…]

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BIGGIO: Appreciating Nonaesthetic Feminism

BIGGIO: Appreciating Nonaesthetic Feminism

Most college students can point to one or more conduits through which they self-brand. My personal favorite is my yellow Hydroflask water bottle, where I display stickers revealing my Zodiac sign, my favorite boba chain and my allegiance to H*yas for Choice. Other venues you may use to display your[Read More…]

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AMY LI FOR THE HOYA | From left to right: Gloria Purvis, Aimee Murphy, Kim Daniels, Julia Greenwood (COL '19) and Serrin Foster advocated against abortion   at a panel in Dahlgren Chapel.

Abortion Contradicts Feminism, Panelists Say at ‘Stand for Life’

Abortion is anti-feminist and represents violence against the female body, according to a panel of female anti-abortion advocates at an event in Dahlgren Chapel on Jan. 15. Women who are against abortion are often misconstrued as being anti-feminist, Gloria Purvis, creator of a Catholic television network show, said at the[Read More…]

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CHAD GRIFFITH | Christian OB-GYN and reproductive rights advocate Dr. Willie Parker reconciled Christianity and abortion at an event in the Healey Family Student Center.

Doctor Argues Christian Values and Feminism Permit Abortion

Abortion falls within the values of Christianity and women’s right to abortion should be protected, Christian OB-GYN and reproductive rights advocate Dr. Willie Parker said at a Lecture Fund event Wednesday. Condemning reproductive choices like abortion is not intrinsic to mainstream religions, and the perception of abortion as an immoral[Read More…]

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METZGER: Why the Catholic Church Needs Feminism

METZGER: Why the Catholic Church Needs Feminism

Studying Christian theology has given me both hope and disappointment concerning the treatment of women in the Catholic Church. I have been inspired and moved by the mystical writing of medieval women, yet at times frustrated when my class on early Christianity relied entirely on the writings of men. Many[Read More…]

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DIRECTOR’S CUT: ‘A Simple Favor’ Pioneers a New Feminist Noir Subgenre

DIRECTOR’S CUT: ‘A Simple Favor’ Pioneers a New Feminist Noir Subgenre

Director Paul Feig has put a feminine twist on gritty noir tropes in “A Simple Favor,” injecting the film with dark humor and sets that bend reality to bring the film’s two antiheroines to life. The film opens with Stephanie Ward, played by Anna Kendrick, livestreaming on her vlog, which[Read More…]

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Julia Usiak

MISS-TAKEN IDENTITY: To Sleep, To Daydream

What do you think about before you go to bed? When I was 7 years old, I had four bedtime fantasies mapped out in my mind, scene by scene. That way, when I drifted off to sleep, I would lucid dream through my own thought-movie. These thought-movies were documented in[Read More…]

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The Sound of Equality: Women Take the Stage at All Things Go Fall Classic Music Festival

This year, Ariana Grande proclaimed that God is a woman. Cardi B topped the charts with the Latin-inspired banger “I Like It.” Beyoncé strode onto the main stage at Coachella, to the applause of thousands of fans. In many ways, women are the heart and soul of popular music. Yet[Read More…]


WGSTea: Perspectives on Feminism

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Georgetown University’s women’s and gender studies program. Despite its limited resources — just two full-time faculty members and no access to tenure lines — the program offers an essential interdisciplinary academic space for not only its own majors, but students across disciplinary focuses and career[Read More…]

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MASON: An Education That Provokes

Outing myself as a women’s and gender studies major used to be harder than outing myself as a lesbian. I used to mention it quietly after announcing my government major, so white, middle-aged men I introduced myself to at my father’s retirement ceremony would not ask the inevitable follow-up questions:[Read More…]

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