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ON TAP: Crafting A Refreshing Classic

ON TAP: Crafting A Refreshing Classic

Nowadays, soft drinks have lost their natural touch. What began in 17th-century Europe as a carbonated drink with natural flavors like lemon juice and honey has now become artificially colored, flavored and sweetened. However, traditionally flavored drinks like ginger beer and root beers are gaining traction again. Craft sodas are[Read More…]

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Joseph Hwang (MSB ’19), left, and Chas Newman (MSB ’19) launched their french fries company at the year’s first farmers’ market.

Georgetown Students Start French Fries Company

Spud Buds, a french fries company started by three Georgetown students, debuted at the Georgetown University Farmers’ Market on March 22. Founded by Matthew Wang (MSB ’18), Joe Hwang (MSB ’18) and Chas Newman (MSB ’18), Spud Buds uses locally sourced ingredients to offer customers five different french fries recipes[Read More…]

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Restaurant Review: Timber Pizza Company

Every Wednesday, a long line of students winds through Red Square hoping to get a taste of one of the District’s most famed food trucks — Timber Pizza Company — at the farmers’ market. Students, professors and other members of the community loosen their belts one notch and open their[Read More…]

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Cookie Dough Returns To the Farmers Market

Cookie Dough Returns To the Farmers Market

Recently, baked goods company Slender Seven has been garnering attention for its delicious and healthy baked goods by offering its samples at the farmers market and Taste of The Hilltop. Slender Seven operates with the philosophy of “cook simply, eat healthy and feel happy,” and founder Nikki Azzara passionately adheres[Read More…]

A farm-to-table concept restaurant, Chaia Tacos uses freshly sourced, seasonal vegetables to make its vegetarian tacos, including the mushroom, creamy kale and potato tacos.

Sustainability, in a Taco Shell

Chaia Tacos, which opened on Grace Street in mid-November, is more than just a hip, trendy taco eatery — it’s a thoughtful, well-executed and delicious advancement in the way that we do food, putting an emphasis on fresh, local produce and sustainability. After years of working together on their cooking[Read More…]

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Inside D.C.’s Farmers’ Markets

Inside D.C.’s Farmers’ Markets

On any given Wednesday afternoon during the school year, you can find me stopped at the Georgetown University Farmers’ Market sampling the fresh fruit and vegetables and waiting anxiously in line for my non-Leo’s lunch. Going to the farmers’ market became a weekly ritual that I always looked forward to.[Read More…]

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Suzanna Simon and Bettina Stern have become popular farmer’s market vendors. The two plan to open up a vegetarian restaurant this summer.

Vegetarian Tacos Burst with Business Potential

Suzanne Simon, along with friend and business partner Bettina Stern, has co-founded one of the most popular stands at Washington, D.C. farmers markets, including Georgetown’s own, and is currently in the process of opening up an inaugural restaurant in Georgetown. Chaia’s fresh, farm-to-table vegetarian tacos have become so popular with[Read More…]

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Market Employs Students

Market Employs Students

This week, two paid positions for students at the Georgetown University Farmers’ Market opened, offering the opportunity to work with popular vendors, Vera’s Bakery and MsCurry. According to an email sent out by volunteer coordinator Emeline Kong (COL ’17), hired students would receive $9.50 or $15 an hour respectively per[Read More…]

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Farmers Market Springs Into Season

Farmers Market Springs Into Season

With the spring return of the Georgetown University Farmers Market to Copley Lawn, students will notice new vendors as well as the absence of Indigo, the popular Indian food stand, on Wednesdays. This year’s new vendors include Hilltoss — the new Students of Georgetown Inc. salad location — Lulu’s Ice[Read More…]

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Students Vie for Top Chef on Campus

Elizabeth Gromet (COL ’14) and Catherine Gallagher (COL ’14) took the cake Wednesday, winning the inaugural Georgetown University Farmers Market Top Chef competition. Gromet and Gallagher’s pumpkin cheesecake took first out of 28 entries. “We never expected to win,” they wrote in a joint email. “We started jumping around and[Read More…]

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