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Being a Conscious Consumer in the District

In our hectic daily lives as Georgetown students, we can easily forget that we are also consumers — where we choose to spend our money matters. Our purchases at certain stores and restaurants not only support those establishments but their practices as well. Washington, D.C. is full of restaurants and[Read More…]


Greek yoghurt and apricots at Zaytingya.

A Taste of the Mediterranean Coast

When I was still in Shanghai, I tried Turkish cuisine and discovered it was not to my liking. Granted, the desserts were mind-blowing, even for someone indifferent to sugar, like me, but the entrees had too strong a flavor for my liking and left me with a negative first impression of[Read More…]

“L’chaim!” and Lunch

I will probably never be a vegetarian. Bacon is my favorite food group, and on more than one occasion I’ve watched an “Epic Meal Time” video on YouTube and have thought to myself, “That actually sounds like a great idea.” So what happens when you take a self-proclaimed carnivore to[Read More…]

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