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Professors of Georgetown

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VIEWPOINT: Eliminate Bias in Course Evaluations

At the end of each semester, students have the opportunity to shape our future learning by completing course evaluations. We should use these evaluations, typically biased against women and minorities, to help improve faculty diversity. Georgetown University’s administration must reconsider how it uses course evaluations, and students must reflect and[Read More…]

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University Expands Non-Tenure-Line Parental Leave

University Expands Non-Tenure-Line Parental Leave

Full-time non-tenure-line faculty will be eligible for expanded parental leave, effective immediately, Georgetown University announced Thursday night. The announcement comes after petitions from both faculty and students supporting the measure. Last month, 282 individuals signed a petition for equal parental leave for both tenured and full-time non-tenure-line faculty. Before the[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Equalize GU Parental Leave

Academic hierarchy should not determine faculty members’ ability to raise their children. After years of dismissing the concerns of its employees, Georgetown University must take action now to strengthen crucial benefits for nontenured professors. Last month, Provost Robert Groves received a petition signed by 282 individuals asking the university to[Read More…]

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The Politics of Teaching: Impartiality in the Classroom

The Politics of Teaching: Impartiality in the Classroom

Fr. Matthew Carnes, S.J., sat back in his brown leather chair with an earnest look on his face. As a government professor, Carnes regularly lectures on topics that could be deemed divisive, such as U.S. foreign policy and social welfare programs. The Jesuit professor opens the semester in his “Comparative Political Systems” class by[Read More…]

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Sylvia Önder, left, Clare Fieseler (SFS ’06) and Astrid Weigert delivered the petition to the Office of the President on Oct. 12.

Faculty Petitions Provost, President for Equal Parental Leave

A petition to increase the parental leave of non-tenure-line faculty to equal that of tenure-line faculty is being “seriously considered” by the university, after 282 individuals signed the petition as of its Oct. 15 closing date. Full-time non-tenure-line faculty members, which includes about 300 assistant, associate and full professors, are[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Value Faculty, Protect Union

Georgetown’s original collective bargaining agreement with the Service Employees International Union Local 500 is set to expire June 30. Since the contract was first ratified in October 2014, adjunct professors — who are more professionally and economically vulnerable than full-time tenured faculty — have seen improvements in compensation and new[Read More…]

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Levels of Learning Lacks Awareness

In their column, Naman Trivedi (SFS ’16) and Rohan Shetty (MSB ’16) criticize “formalized, course-based teaching” at Georgetown for “fail[ing] to make learning integrative and high-impact” (“Levels of Learning in a New Curriculum,” Nov. 10, 2015, The Hoya). Without citing evidence or data to support this view, they then propose[Read More…]

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For 2 Professors, Like Father, Like Son

For 2 Professors, Like Father, Like Son

Underclassmen looking to take “International Relations” with professor Keir Lieber this semester may have been confused after searching his last name on MyAccess and finding mainly courses above the 300 level. That’s because “Lieber” returns search results for both Keir and his father, Robert Lieber, who is also a professor[Read More…]

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Lancaster’s Condition Improves After Surgery

School of Foreign Service Dean Carol Lancaster’s condition has much improved after undergoing surgery on a recently discovered brain tumor Monday. Lancaster had been taken to the Georgetown University Hospital Emergency Room after experiencing a headache caused by internal bleeding which prompted doctors to perform the scheduled operation sooner than[Read More…]

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