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Exposing the Invisible Minority

Exposing the Invisible Minority

My first-ever role model was Mulan. She was cool, confident and kicked butt on the battlefield. She was also the only Asian face I had ever seen on TV . . . and she was a fictional character. As the years went on, I realized how virtually non-existent the Asian-American[Read More…]

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The Asian American Student Association has started up a project called “Exposure: Redefined” with which they hope to reveal the diverse personalities of Georgetown’s Asian American community. The project is an impressive attempt to deconstruct generalizations.

Breaking the Mold

Exposure:  Redefined, a social media project started in January 2015 by the Asian American Student Association of Georgetown, aims to feature and empower Asian American students on campus in a “Humans of New York”-style photo project. According to its Tumblr page, “Exposure:  Redefined is a photo project aimed at featuring[Read More…]

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