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OWSIANY: Study Abroad’s Real Cost

OWSIANY: Study Abroad’s Real Cost

In the spring semester of 2015, I studied abroad in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, for five months. I frequently found myself feeling caught between the cost of doing something and the cost of missing an experience that, for me, would be extremely rare. Before[Read More…]

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Trendy Dishes Exceed Hopes

Trendy Dishes Exceed Hopes

★★★★☆ $$$ Located several blocks down M Street is Unum, a small, trendy restaurant that specializes in contemporary American cuisine. The establishment is owned by Executive Chef Phillip Blane and his wife, Laura Schiller, who strive to create a cozy neighborhood spot that also offers consistently wonderful food. The menu[Read More…]

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French Restaurant La Chaumiere serves high quality, delicious cuisine that comes at a steep price but is well worth the expense..

Quality French Cuisine is Well Worth the Expense

★★★★★ $$$$ Last weekend was Parents’ Weekend, which really only meant one thing: Hoyas were out and about dining on their parents’ dime. Instead of grabbing a hot chick at Wisey’s, my roommates and I ate a nice meal at La Chaumière, a small French restaurant located at 2813 M[Read More…]

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Woodward Table offers an extensive menu with savory and sweet options to satisfy everyone’s personal preferences. The s’mores cheesecake is a delicious indoor take on the classic campfire favorite.

High Profile District Restaurant Satisfies at a Price

★★★☆☆ $$$$ There is a reason Woodward Table has made an appearance on several listings of the top 100 restaurants in D.C. The restaurant, situated in the heart of the District just a few blocks from the White House, offers a timeless menu that features classic American fare that is[Read More…]

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Leo’s Weekend Slump Weighs Students Down Physically and Financially

As a result of Georgetown’s laudable effort to correct the notorious American eating problem, health-conscious students can choose from an eclectic spread of romaine, arugula, tomatoes and cucumbers (otherwise known as a salad) at O’Donovan Hall on weekdays.Yet as if to counter the prodigious sums of money that must be[Read More…]

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Leaving and Learning

No matter how you slice it, studying abroad is expensive. Tuition, housing fees, airfare, visa fees, living expenses (particularly in Europe) and international health insurance can add up to a scary price tag. What many do not realize, however, is that Georgetown coordinated programs are not the only roads to[Read More…]

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