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Ye Bin Won

AFTER HOURS: Zenebech Celebrates Classic Ethiopian Cuisine

At an Ethiopian or Eritrean table, a meal isn’t a meal without injera: a thin, spongy flatbread made of teff flour, a type of grain found in Eastern Africa. In many homes, the stew, vegetables and meat are arranged on top of the injera itself, rolled into small morsels, before[Read More…]

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Yiwen Hu/The Hoya

One of the spreads served at Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant.

A Taste of Ethiopia

For me, the quest of restaurant exploration has become a journey of discovery — one of exotic cuisine types, unique usage of herbs, and previously unknown flavors. Being a foodie is a blessing, for it has cultivated in me a curiosity that emboldens me to step outside my comfort zone[Read More…]

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Dahlak Restaurant | 1771 U St. NW  Get your hands a little dirty and experience real Ethiopian food. The most popular and cost-effective dishes are the vegetarian combination and Dahlak tibsi combination. These platters have samplings of six vegetable and six meat tibsi, respectively, and are served with the traditional, spongy, Ethiopiand flat bread enjera. Make sure to wash[Read More…]

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