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JACK EVANS WARD 2 Council Member Evans has been stripped of certain responsibilities, but remains on the council. Many have called for his resignation.

DC Council Reprimands Jack Evans over Code of Conduct Violation

Washington, D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) was reprimanded by a council vote after using his government email to solicit corporate deals March 19. Beyond the reprimand, D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson (D-At Large) removed some of the responsibilities Evans holds as chair of the Committee on Finance and Revenue,[Read More…]

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ANNE STONECIPHER/THE HOYA Georgetown University Student Association

GUSA to Increase Student Health and Misconduct Trainings

The Georgetown University Student Association senate amended the bylaws for the Ethics and Oversight Committee, which launched last month, to require more training in student health and misconduct topics after executive resignations earlier this semester. The GUSA senate established the Ethics and Oversight Committee last month after the resignation of[Read More…]

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Commissioners for the Student Activities Commission have expressed confusion over ambiguity and lax enforcement of bylaws relating to conflicts of interest — especially as they pertain to the International Relations Club.

Conflicts of Interest Spotlight Ambiguity in SAC Bylaws

When representatives from the International Relations Club faced the Student Activities Commission on Monday, March 19, to explain why IRC members had travelled to Panama City earlier that month without required SAC approval, the club had already argued its case a week earlier to the commission, which included four current[Read More…]

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Reconciling Drug Use With Ethics and Religion

As a Jesuit university, Georgetown has always had a strong connection to religious traditions and ethics. But when drugs are involved, deeply held beliefs can seem dizzying and contradictory. From professional ethicists to everyday men and women of faith, Hoyas are doing the hard work of analyzing the ethics of[Read More…]

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Panelists included Rick Smolan, a New York Times best-selling author; Cathy O’Neil, author of The New York Times’ best seller “Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy”; Chuck Todd, NBC News political director and moderator of “Meet the Press”; and Mayra Buvinic, a member of the United Nations Foundation and senior fellow at Data2X.

Panelists Discuss Data Ethics

Data has the potential to significantly change society, Kennedy Institute of Ethics Director and Georgetown philosophy professor Maggie Little said during a panel discussion of the ethical use of information hosted in Healy Hall on Feb. 1. The event, “A Conversation in Bioethics: Data Ethics,” was hosted by The Kennedy Institute[Read More…]

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Enforcing Corporate Ethics

Enforcing Corporate Ethics

The Trump administration plans to sign an executive order to suspend the section of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that prevents U.S. companies from selling and trading conflict minerals Feb. 14. Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank law required companies to disclose any resources in their supply[Read More…]

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CARNES: Embracing Our Jesuit Heritage

CARNES: Embracing Our Jesuit Heritage

Somehow it seems mightily appropriate that we celebrate Jesuit Heritage Week during these post-inauguration and post-march days, as our nation embarks on a transition of administrations that has thus far been unlike almost any other in its history. In the face of so much change, volatility, and uncertainty, our Jesuit[Read More…]

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Living and Eating Like a Real Man

“Since I am not a rabbit, no, I will not be eating salad,” remarked Ron Swanson, the loveable, rugged individualist from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” Sure, Swanson is a caricature. But aspects of his comically masculine eating habits are based closely on reality. While eating at O’Donovan Hall recently, I[Read More…]

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Labor Rights: A Consumer Issue

As I sit in the back of my macroeconomics class, I behold a sea of illuminated laptop screens. Each screen has the same image: rows and rows of clothes. I see my classmates mindlessly clicking and dragging each item of clothing into the electronic shopping basket. It is hard not[Read More…]

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Helpline Remains Underused

Since its inception in 2007, the compliance helpline in the Office of Compliance and Ethics has served as a simple, confidential and largely underutilized reporting service that offers students and faculty an alternative channel to bring compliance-related concerns to light. As parts of Georgetown’s Institutional Compliance and Ethics Program, the[Read More…]

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