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Throwing Shade Is For the Trees

About a month ago, a poll reported that an “overwhelming majority” of Americans support government action to combat global warming. That being said, I have found that people generally take one of two positions on the environment, even if they support such legislation: “passion” or “indifference.” I am a member[Read More…]

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To Save the Earth, Save the Oceans

Few people are immune to the mesmerizing spell of the ocean. Its rhythmic ebbs and flows draw you in, and keep you enthralled with otherworldly landscapes. Coral reefs dot the seafloor like brushstrokes in impressionist paintings with millions of free-floating microorganisms building shells and limestone skeletons. The delicate ecological balance[Read More…]

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The Keystone XL Debate is About More Than a Pipeline

The Keystone XL Debate is About More Than a Pipeline

In 2011, climate change scientist and activist, James Hansen, published the report “Silence Is Deadly.” The paper contained an alarming message about a proposed pipeline, which would carry about 830,000 barrels of tar sands oil from Canada to Texas each day. Hansen wrote, “exploitation of tar sands would make it[Read More…]

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University Sponsors Energy Innovation

The Georgetown University Energy Prize has selected 53 communities to advance to the quarterfinals of its $5 million, privately funded energy prize, which will award one community for its energy efficiency. Among the quarterfinalists are a range of small and medium-sized cities, towns and counties from across the United States,[Read More…]

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LEVINSON: New Climate Change Plan A Missed Opportunity

In June, the Environmental Protection Agency publicized its proposed regulation, the Clean Power Plan, which would cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. Now, the clock is ticking; the public has until Oct. 16 to comment, after which the agency will finalize the regulation next spring. The EPA calls the plan the[Read More…]

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A Fractured Approach to Natural Gas

A Fractured Approach to Natural Gas

Ever fill up your water bottle from the stations in Lau,Leavey or Yates? We can all appreciate that crisp, clean water. Now imagine the water smells like benzene, and when you hold a lighter to it, the water bursts into flames. While my hypothetical may sound like science fiction, in areas[Read More…]

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Don’t Let Act Go to Waste

Egg shells, coffee grinds, old newspapers, unpaid bills. These are just a few items that go into the trash cans of Georgetown apartments every morning. This waste could continue to go fill a landfill somewhere, or, as GUSA has rightfully realized, it could be put to a better use. This week, the[Read More…]

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Alumni Square to Test Composting in Spring

The GUSA senate unanimously passed a bill Sunday to create a pilot program for voluntary composting for residents of Alumni Square. The program, set to debut in spring 2013, will provide a sealed composting bin to apartments that volunteer to participate. Students will then be able to empty their bins in a[Read More…]

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Environmentalist Discusses Preservation of Amazon

Ecuadorean environmentalist Ivonne Baki discussed her country’s efforts to preserve the Amazon Rainforest in Intercultural Center Friday afternoon. Baki, whose presentation was sponsored by the School of Foreign Service’s Center for Latin American Studies, is a former ambassador to the United States and the Secretary of State for Ecuador’s Yasuni-ITT[Read More…]

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Recycling at GU Stands to Grow

Although the university’s recycling program has made significant gains since the implementation of a series of initiatives in 2008, key areas for improvement remain. At January’s monthly Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting, Councilmember Jeff Jones estimated that residents of ANC 2E, the district that includes Georgetown University, recycle only 25 percent[Read More…]

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