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Turning the Page: The Evolution of Georgetown’s Literary Curriculum

Beltway politics and palace intrigue tend to dominate Washington, D.C.’s headlines, often overshadowing the District’s thriving culture scene. Georgetown University’s own status as an epicenter of politics and international relations often results in a strong emphasis being placed on the school’s government and foreign policy programs, leaving its literary program[Read More…]

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Career-based English PhD Proposed

After a failed attempted to create a doctorate program in English in the 1990s, the English department has drafted a new proposal to create an English Ph.D. program that will prepare its students to enter careers both inside and outside academia. “We’re trying to do something really different. We will[Read More…]

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In Defense of English Majors

I became an English major because I like to read. In this economy and at a college where most students have their eyes set on high-powered consulting or Wall Street jobs, deciding to have an academic subject inspired by a hobby printed on my degree probably doesn’t seem that well[Read More…]

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Reconsidering the Humanities Crisis, Part I

Reconsidering the Humanities Crisis, Part I

Over the past year, the humanities have come under close scrutiny in our public discourse. Last summer, Harvard released a report that showed a decline in enrollment in humanities majors. In January, President Obama took a shot at art history majors in a speech on education and the job market. All the[Read More…]

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Writing Core Set for Revamp

Students across all majors will begin to see changes to their writing curriculum this year as part of a transition before writing requirements are completely revamped next fall. The proposal, passed in February 2013 by the Main Campus Executive Faculty, approves changes to the Humanities and Writing core requirements as[Read More…]

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English Requirement Reassessed

The humanities and writing general education requirement could see changes next year if a proposal aimed at strengthening the role of writing in the curriculum is approved this December. Professors from the General Education Committee have developed a preliminary proposal recommending the introduction of a first-year writing seminar capped at[Read More…]

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A Language at a Loss for Words

My whole life I have marveled at the English language. More often than not I find myself amazed by just the sheer number of words we have created – with new ones being added all the time. How is a person supposed to keep up? Tucked into my planner, I[Read More…]

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Odd Classes Spark Talk

As students in an Intercultual Center lecture room listened to professor Carol Dover examine the Christian framework of “Laüstic,” a medieval narrative poem by the Breton poet Marie de France, many eyes were busy scanning the syllabus for the date of the reading assignments from their favorite novelist: J.K. Rowling.[Read More…]

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