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BILLINGSLEA: Embracing Engagement Spurs Growth

BILLINGSLEA: Embracing Engagement Spurs Growth

“Hey, did you watch ‘House of Cards’ last night?” or “What did you think about the class discussion on gender inequality?” Just like that, you engaged someone else. It does not matter the topic — the purpose is to get the conversation started. When I interact with my advisees, conversations[Read More…]

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GUSA Runs Dry

As the rowdy presidential field shrinks, Georgetown students are turning their attention to a new — and decidedly quieter — contest: the 2016-2017 Georgetown University Student Association executive race. At this point last year, five tickets for GUSA president and vicepresident had formed, heralding one of the tightest and most[Read More…]

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Former GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’15), right, and Vice President Adam Ramadan (SFS ’15) reflect on their year in office, which focused on changing student culture and fostering engagement.

Q&A: Nate and Adam Take Pulse of Year in Office

Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14) completed their year-long terms as Georgetown University Student Association president and vice president on March 22. The Hoya sat down with the pair to examine the events of the past year — including the One Georgetown, One Campus campaign and the[Read More…]

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Social Media for Students

In an attempt to advance Georgetown’s reputation as a connected, worldly university, the Office of Communications founded the Social Media Working Group in 2012 with the goal of developing a unified strategy for social media as an engagement tool on campus at the administrative level. Although the administrative working group[Read More…]

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Double Duty: Married Students Seek Balance

Double Duty: Married Students Seek Balance

Donna Hernandez (SFS ’13) eloped with her husband, Eduardo Panyaguy, two weeks into her freshman year at Georgetown. The couple, who met in high school, married beforePanyaguy, a U.S. Marine, was deployed to Afghanistan in the fall of 2009. “We were planning on a long engagement until I realized that he was[Read More…]

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