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Through Campus Groups, Diversity is Celebrated

I have always been used to diversity and difference. In Myanmar, I attended an international school where my classmates were the children of foreign diplomats from all over the world. I attended high school in New York City where the student body was 60 percent Asian and the school atmosphere[Read More…]

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Women Leaders Empower at Home and on Campus

I grew up as an only child, greatly coddled by my parents who believed that I could do anything I wanted. I was afforded many luxuries, including my mother’s support and care as she stayed at home to raise me. Although my mother graduated from college and had career prospects,[Read More…]

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Musgrave Nabs SAC Chair

Student Activities Commission Marketing and Public Relations Director Patrick Musgrave (COL ’16) was elected SAC Chair by a 14-vote margin Thursday. Musgrave was elected in a second round of voting after an inconclusive first round, in which some groups voting more than once, forced the Georgetown University Student Association Election[Read More…]

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Girls’ Getaway in Thailand’s Untouched Paradise

Last week, I found myself on a vacation within my summer vacation. While I had already visited Bangkok from my seasonal home in Myanmar, I ended up in another part of Thailand, albeit a place a little less explored. In an effort for to discover a new part of the[Read More…]

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