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FILE PHOTO: ANNA KOVACEVICH/THE HOYA | Georgetown is contracting a third party to evaluate a solar panel initiative that would deforest 240 acres of land. Students pushed the university to release further information on the evaluation at a Feb. 10 forum.

Students Push Administrators for Details on Solar Panel Initiative

Students urged Georgetown University to disclose the details of the timeline on a solar panel initiative that would deforest 240 acres of land but provide half of the university’s electricity needs at a Feb. 10 forum. The university is contracting a third party to review the project, a decision supported[Read More…]

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GU Professor Recipient of $4.5 Million DOE Grant

GU Professor Recipient of $4.5 Million DOE Grant

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded a $4.5 million grant to Georgetown University physics professor James Freericks and a team of academics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, to research how X-rays can be used in solids, according to a Sept. 13 news[Read More…]

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A group of energy experts discussed the challenges facing Latin American countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Mexico, in combatting climate change, sustaining economic growth and pushing for sustainable energy Oct.

Latin America Faces Energy Infrastructure Hurdles, Experts Argue

Latin American countries must overcome significant infrastructure problems before transitioning to more sustainable forms of energy, according to a panel of energy experts Oct. 27. Hosted by Georgetown’s Latin American Policy Association, a student group that analyzes Latin American domestic policy, as a part of the Extractive Industries in Latin[Read More…]


Solar Panels to Provide Half of Campus Energy

Georgetown University has partnered with Origis Energy USA to build a solar power system off campus that could provide nearly 50 percent of the campus’s electricity by the 2019-20 academic year. The agreement, announced Monday, aligns with the university’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Origis will install 105,000 solar[Read More…]

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The custom apparel company Fresh Prints has a growing presence on Georgetown’s campus, employing students to help design clothing.

Former Energy Secretary Discusses Resource Security

Former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham said that during the last 12 years, energy has become an increasingly important component of American and international society and politics in a lecture held March 23 at Lauinger Library. Abraham’s tenure as Secretary of Energy lasted from 2001 to 2005 under President George[Read More…]

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Energy Startup Grows with $3.1 M Investment

Energy Startup Grows with $3.1 M Investment

Logan Soya’s (GRD ’13) energy analytics and management start-up, Aquicore, is gaining traction in the technology industry. In September, Aquicore became the first recipient of a D.C. incubator’s seed fund fully valued at $3.1 million. The incubator, 1776, provides business networks, mentorship and funding for startups. In October, city news[Read More…]

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DC Recognized for Clean Energy Reform

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and Center for Resource Solutions presented Washington, D.C., a Green Power Leadership Award for its use of renewable energy resources. The district was honored at the annual Renewable Energy Markets Conference on Oct. 19, recognizing Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration for implementing a 20-year Power[Read More…]

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Pick Out The Good In All The Bad

Pick Out The Good In All The Bad

“Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences has conferred upon Kiara Leanne Touros the degree of Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences with all rights, honors and privileges blah, blah, blah, etc., etc.”   It hangs in my sister’s room, which looks more like a storage closet than anything at[Read More…]

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Polarized Protection

Polarized Protection

In the past month, President Obama has announced the designation of three new areas as national monuments, totaling over a million acres of newly protected land. This action adds to 16 national monuments he previously created under the Antiquities Act of 1906, including the largest reserve ever created, the Pacific[Read More…]

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Why We Can Do Better Than Biofuel

Georgetown makes an excellent effort to be a green campus. Recycling bins are everywhere, students proudly bear reusable water bottles, and the buses run on biofuel. It is great that Georgetown is making an effort to use renewable energy, but biofuel is not the miracle substitute for oil it promises[Read More…]

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