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Identifying a Harmful Policy

You’re foolish. You have no life experience. You only make decisions with your feelings. Really, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. William O’Brien, a New Hampshire politician, accused college students of these things a few months ago. He was supporting a voter suppression bill that would prevent college students living[Read More…]

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GUSA Ushers in Full Roster Of Senators for New Semester

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate inaugurated a full class of senators tonight following the election last Thursday. The voting participation rate this year was about 25 percent, with 1,946 undergraduates casting ballots. This is significantly higher than last year, almost doubling the number of students casting an electronic ballot.[Read More…]

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Fixed Elections: Russia’s Perpetual Putin Problem

In case you haven’t heard, Vladimir Putin is back. If, that is, he ever really left. Putin is poised to be elected to a third term as Russia’s president, his candidacy having been proposed by none other than current President Dmitry Medvedev at the congress of the ruling United Russia[Read More…]

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GUSA Senate Elections: Meet the Candidates

It’s that time of year again – Georgetown University Student Association’s annual Senate seat campaigns. It’s hard to go anywhere without encountering an upperclassman’s campaign poster that promises to give the university a makeover or drowning in a sea of posters made by freshmen enthusiastic to get involved in student[Read More…]

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Complex Changes Mark GOP Win

Even with races still left to be decided, last Tuesday’s elections are already being considered to be of great historical significance. I agree. Yes, these elections mark the largest gain of House seats for a party in decades and a drastic change in the balance of power in Washington. Yes,[Read More…]

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Shifting the Political Course After Midterms

The silver lining of President Obama’s midterm “shellacking” may well be an improvement in political cooperation, as former President Jimmy Carter cautiously predicted in an interview with comedian Bill Maher two weeks ago. Until last Tuesday, Republicans could hurl criticism comfortably from the sidelines without actually having to harbor the[Read More…]

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New Party, Same Issues

On Tuesday, millions of Americans – hundreds of Georgetown students among them – cast their ballot in the midterm elections. Showing their dissatisfaction with the state of the country, they voted out the current majority party in a marked show of protest. Yet the work has just begun for the[Read More…]

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Midterm Elections a Mixed Bag for Georgetown Grads

Georgetown alumni won multiple midterm elections throughout the nation Tuesday, though not without controversy. Incumbent Illinois Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) (SFS ’71), a former sports editor of THE HOYA, was declared the winner in the gubernatorial race by the Associated Press Thursday evening, defeating Bill Brady, an Illinois state senator.[Read More…]

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Democrats Poised to Win Area and District Elections

Most signs point to Democratic candidates winning the D.C. area’s congressional races and mayoral election, with three of the four congressional districts surrounding D.C. predicted to vote for Democratic candidates. In the D.C. mayoral election, the Republicans have not put up a candidate to challenge Vincent Gray. Gray, the D.C.[Read More…]

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Council Bids Uncontested

The competitive nature of the D.C. Council’s primaries left the general elections largely uncontested. Four of D.C.’s eight wards are holding elections for their Council representatives on Nov. 2. In addition, two of the four at-large seats and the Council Chairmanship are up for grabs. David Catania (SFS ’90, LAW[Read More…]

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