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Turnout Up, Creates Long Lines at Polls

Many students voting in the District of Columbia and northern Virginia last Tuesday encountered long lines and delays at polling places, which in Georgetown were partly because of a surge in student voter turnout. Arianne Kaldewey (SFS ’15) and Kelly Pierce (MSB ’15) both spent almost three hours at the[Read More…]

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PIERRO: Obama Shifts the Dialogue

In light of midterms season, I have been somewhat secluded from the political world. Now that I am back in the game, can someone please remind me when and how this election made the drastic switch to social issues, as though the economy is no longer the most pressing topic?[Read More…]

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GUSA Senate Stumps Voters

Without well-informed voters, GUSA senate elections are at best a popularity contest. Typically, they hinge on name recognition. At worst, they are a total guessing game. But these elections matter, and while everyone involved in the process has some share of responsibility for keeping students informed, GUSA could make several[Read More…]

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GUSA Senate Candidates Talk Goals

This year’s candidates for the Georgetown University Student Association senate launched their campaigns Wednesday. The Hoya reached out to each of them to hear about their goals for their campaigns and the superpowers they wished they had. Each candidate was emailed the following seven questions. Responses were edited only for[Read More…]

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GOP Platform a Vision, or Mirage?

In the magical land where Republican ideals rule, mynah birds squawk, “Jobs!” and “’murica!”; every business is a small business that is owned by a big business; and the economy is thriving. The people are happy because they are Christians. They have wars to fight and troops to support, and[Read More…]

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STIRRETT: Eastwood Gives Meaning to ‘Grand Old Party’

STIRRETT: Eastwood Gives Meaning to ‘Grand Old Party’

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Academic Councils Hold Elections

Academic council elections took place across all four undergraduate schools this week, and the winners have already begun planning for the upcoming year. The College Academic Council elections results were released on April 23, with two new sophomore class representatives and two new junior class representatives joining the its ranks.[Read More…]

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Campaign Trail Is Proving Ground for Student Volunteers

All campaign calls begin roughly the same way. “Hello, may I speak with Mrs. Smith, please? I’m calling on behalf of Jon Huntsman for President.” Follow the script, mark off the paper and repeat five hundred times — that is phone banking in a nutshell, according to Georgetown alumus Colin[Read More…]

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GUSA to Restructure Districts

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate District Reconciliation Committee finalized legislation Wednesday evening that will redraw the boundaries of some senate seats. The bill, which will go to a vote before the senate Sunday, aims to address freshmen and off-campus student underrepresentation as well as disproportionate representation among dorms. The[Read More…]

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Appelbaum Wins SAC Chair

Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14) has been elected Student Activities Commission Chair for the 2012 calendar year. “I appreciate the support of SAC student groups and am excited to continue working on their behalf. I think SAC has an enormous opportunity next semester to better cater to the larger concerns of our student[Read More…]

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