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VIEWPOINT: Study Roots of Synagogue Attack

Our parents were married here. Our friends became bar and bat mitzvah here. On Saturday, 11 of our neighbors were killed here. On Oct. 27, an antisemitic gunman gunned down 11 innocent people in the Tree of Life Synagogue in our hometown of Pittsburgh. Seventy years after the genocide of[Read More…]

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KAYE: Let Community Guide You

KAYE: Let Community Guide You

In November of my sophomore year, I returned home for a weekend to sponsor my brother’s confirmation to the Roman Catholic Church. As we sat in the church gymnasium awaiting his pivotal spiritual moment, my 13-year old brother turned to me and said, “Why are either of us here? We’re[Read More…]

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Amanda Scott (C’19), left, and Shakera Vaughan (C’19), both government majors at Georgetown, are among this year's 2018 Harry S. Truman Scholars.

2 Students Awarded Truman Scholarship for Community Service

Government majors Amanda Scott (COL ’19) and Shakera Vaughan (COL ’19) were each awarded $30,000 by the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation for their government-related extracurricular activities and community service. The scholarship, awarded to students dedicated to implementing positive change through public service, must be used for graduate education. Scott[Read More…]

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JOUBERT: Fighting for Connections

JOUBERT: Fighting for Connections

When I was a young boy, success meant making my parents happy. When I became a teenager, it meant earning money to help my family. Now that I’ve transitioned into adulthood, I define success as making and maintaining a broad range of connections. Attending Georgetown University has taught me how[Read More…]

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FRIAL & SUGIJANTO: Tell Our Stories

No education in American history and culture is complete without acknowledging the vast contributions of black, Latinx, Muslim, Asian and Native American communities. We live on the land of Indigenous peoples and profit from the labor of immigrants and people of color. By failing to teach these experiences, Georgetown University[Read More…]

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RICE: More Than an Education

RICE: More Than an Education

People always think they have you “figured out” by just observing simple, everyday things. They think they know what kind of person you are based on the way you dress, how you talk, how you look or where you come from. People generally look at those things and associate them[Read More…]

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CARNES: Continuing to Venture Forward

CARNES: Continuing to Venture Forward

Over the stove in my kitchen, I have a small brass plaque that bears an inscription attributed to Michelangelo. It says simply, “I am still learning.” My mother gave it to me on the day I received my Ph.D., offering it as a gentle, slyly humorous admonition to not let[Read More…]

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Educational reform advocate Cathy Davidson argued for a new model of teaching that recognizes privilege in elite institutions and teaches students to recognize disparities around them.

Education Reformist Calls for New Teaching Model

All Georgetown students have benefited from rare good fortune that enables them to attend an elite institution, educational reform advocate, professor and author Cathy Davidson argued at a Riggs Library discussion Wednesday. “Whether you were lucky enough to be born with affluent parents or parents that believed in education and[Read More…]

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Georgetown University's graduate school plans to offer teaching licensure for the first time starting 2018.

Graduate School to Offer Teaching Licensure Starting 2018

Georgetown University plans to offer teaching licensure in 2018 for the first time after the graduate program in educational transformation received accreditation for its teaching certification programs Oct. 17. The master of arts in educational transformation currently offers two concentrations: advocacy and policy, and learning and teaching. Accredited by the[Read More…]

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Former Secretary of Education

Former Education Secretary Spotlights Racial Achievement Gap

Former Secretary of Education John King Jr. said the United States must push for diverse student bodies and teachers in public schools to close the nation’s racial achievement gap, in a lecture organized by the Georgetown College minor in education, inquiry and justice Tuesday. Students of color and low-income students[Read More…]

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