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Victims of the System

The recent discussion about reproductive health at Georgetown echoes a broader issue that has been bubbling on the edge of public awareness for the past several years. Washington, D.C., is one of many cities across the nation that has seen a significant build-up of untested rape kits. There have been[Read More…]

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Poor Execution

For those of us who aren’t economics majors, the details of the new campaign by Georgetown, Divest! – and the university’s response to it – may seem somewhat baffling. Anyone who does comb through all of the facts, however, will conclude that Georgetown, Divest! is a group with a good[Read More…]

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DPS: Raise the Bar

The recent sexual assault in Copley Hall and a string of off-campus robberies have Georgetown students again questioning their safety on the Hilltop. Some students have become frustrated after witnessing unprofessional behavior on the part of Department of Public Safety officers. Georgetown students’ Twitter accounts and Facebook statuses are littered[Read More…]

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Fortify Study With Service

Diversity is not the only element that could enrich the academic experience at Georgetown. Service can, and should, be integrated into the core undergraduate requirements. While a number of Georgetown students participate in volunteer or community service programs, the university’s message of service often gets lost in the shuffle of[Read More…]

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Game Plan

Despite the criticism it has drawn from some observers, the recent proposal to implement a diversity requirement in the undergraduate curriculum is admirable. But before taking any concrete steps, the university must carefully prioritize its goals. The plan outlined by the Academic Working Group of the Diversity Initiative includes the[Read More…]

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One Year Later, Still Work to Be Done

To the Reader: A year ago, The Hoya failed in its mission of providing the Georgetown community with reliable, responsible journalism. This failure came in the form of the annual April Fools’ humor issue. A far cry from responsible journalism, the issue was deemed by many to be offensive and[Read More…]

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Baby Steps for MyAccess

Despite the distractions of refreshingly warm weather and looming finals, pre-registration is on the top of most students’ to-do lists. Anyone who has begun exploring next semester’s course catalog will have noticed that MyAccess is to start providing textbook information for many courses. The addition is a simple one that[Read More…]

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The Arabic department, one of the toughest programs at Georgetown, has changed the make-up of courses offered after the second level for Modern Standard Arabic. The problem? No one remembered to inform the students until they started heading off for Easter break. In the past, the Arabic department offered only[Read More…]

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Think Outside the Internship Box

The hunt for the perfect summer internship consumes many a college student between January and April of every year. Internships provide students the chance to explore (or weed out) possible career paths, wear fashion-forward business suits and pack real-world experience into the all-important résumé. This year, however, the typical ambitious[Read More…]

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Over the Top

The stunt pulled by Plan A: Hoyas for Reproductive Justice this past weekend was both disrespectful and immature. The coalition overstepped its bounds by disregarding the university Speech and Expression Policy at a time when the university had opened itself up to several hundred visitors. Plan A’s demonstration ambushed unsuspecting[Read More…]

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