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Making Sense of the Graffiti

Anyone present on campus before this semester will recall the string of bias-related incidents that tarnished the campus mood last year. Their frequency was disheartening and their abusive nature was alarming. The acts of homophobia were met, rightly, with assertive disapproval from both the university and the student body. The[Read More…]

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Bleed Blue, Print Green

Last spring Lauinger Library made a little publicized, but welcome change by offering double-sided printing. For all its progressiveness, though, the library is missing a valuable opportunity to jump on the go-green train. The new feature is readily available to informed students who take the time to choose the option[Read More…]

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The Verdict 9-17-10

JUST MISUNDERSTOOD – Fox News recently ranked Jack the bulldog one of “College’s Most Dangerous Mascots.” They obviously have never met Jack. ASS EXODUS – On Thursday afternoon the Leavey Center was evacuated due to a gas leak originating from a conference room. IMPROVING INCLUSIVENESS – Earlier this week, Newsweek[Read More…]

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Mixed Messages On Student Safety

Following the recent string of sexual assaults, public safety has been a crucial concern for residents and students in the university community. An informed partnership between law enforcement and the media has helped in both reporting and preventing these types of attacks. Unfortunately, this partnership has faltered, spurring harm and[Read More…]

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The Board Lacks Transparent Governance

Tomorrow, the board of directors of Georgetown University will convene to discuss official business that is relevant to current students, alumni and donors. Unfortunately, except for those in the meeting, hardly anyone will know what is discussed. When he met with the student media earlier this month, University President John[Read More…]

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Room to Breathe

Feeling cramped on campus may not be an issue for much longer. On Wednesday, the Student Space Working Group released the result of its comprehensive study on student space, which included recommendations for a much-needed expansion of student facilities. While there remain concerns over the goals’ feasibility and a missing[Read More…]

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Open for Business

Tomorrow the proposal for a business minor will come before the College Executive Committee for approval, potentially allowing undergraduates in the College to expand their academic horizons. Its passage would be a valuable addition to the curriculum and should be affirmed in full. The business minor was first introduced by[Read More…]

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Asleep at the Wheel

It was a three-ring circus without a ringmaster. As reported in The Hoya today (“[Weekend GUTS Lack Funding](,” A1), students and the greater Georgetown community could face almost complete loss of weekend Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle service. The situation arises from a discomforting lack of oversight and communication on the[Read More…]

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Fresh Take on Voting Rights

It looks like citizens of the District of Columbia won’t garner congressional representation any time soon. Though a bill that would grant a vote to D.C. in Congress has stalled once again, we believe D.C. should continue to work toward this objective. But the plan of attack should change. Many[Read More…]

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Above the Hype

Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon may be on to something. Recently he commented on Georgetown’s selectivity numbers, saying “we do not want more applicants.” Bucking the nationwide trend of excess college marketing, Georgetown has made a decision not to become mired in the numbers game. This unique stance may[Read More…]

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