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SCOVILLE: Building an Inclusive Newspaper

My time on The Hoya has been fairly common. I applied with the backing of a journalism education in high school and passed up paid internships (and occasionally skipped classes) to do my job, and I had the family and support network to help keep me here. My last 3½[Read More…]

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HUNG: Remain Resilient Amid Challenges

I arrived at my current, soon-to-be-former position by accident. At 11:58 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2014, a mere minute before deadline, I submitted my application to join this nonagenarian newspaper on a whim, never expecting to be accepted, much less become its editor-in-chief. Two weeks and one sartorially misguided interview[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Education Through Student Press

I am pretty sure I was only hired as a writer because the senior interviewing me was currently working on her thesis about Queen Elizabeth. My British accent alone earned my access to Leavey 421. I did not come to Georgetown with dreams of being a journalist. When I arrived[Read More…]

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Hoya Transitions To New Leadership

The Hoya transitioned to a new editorial and publishing staff for spring 2016. The new staff began their terms Nov. 21, producing their first print issue today. Jess Kelham-Hohler (COL ’17) begins a yearlong term as the 142nd editor-in-chief of The Hoya, taking over from Mallika Sen (SFS ’16). “Every[Read More…]

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At the Crossroads, Encountering Illusion

Georgetown was my dream school. I first stepped onto this campus six years and one week ago, amid a sudden thunderstorm. Our group of Los Angeles high school newspaper nerds, in town for a conference, immediately surrendered to the dictates of the downpour, and fled to the Leavey Center. There,[Read More…]

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In Campus Journalism, the Best Education

The most cliche thing I could possibly say is that my Georgetown education has taken place outside the classroom. But, as you probably guessed, that’s what I’m going to say, and it’s true. As editor-in-chief of The Hoya, I’ve spent I-don’t-want-to-know-how-many hours in this office, skipped way too many classes[Read More…]

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Who We Are to Judge

In the minds of many newspaper readers, the ethical editor suspends personal belief when on the job, having been trained in techniques that strip subjectivity from news reporting. Like a judge in the courtroom, editors in the newsroom are expected to flip a switch and become robotic reviewers of fact.[Read More…]

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Valuing the Present, Minding the Future

Where to next? It’s a question that never goes away. It’s the question I’m asking myself as a senior, the question I’ve asked myself on each rung of The Hoya’s organizational ladder and the question I was asking myself four years ago. I’m grateful that the answer four years ago[Read More…]

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Refusing to Rest on Our Laurels

To our readers: It is with great excitement that The Hoya’s new staff and I present to you this first print issue of our term. As always, our main goal is to serve you and to do so to the fullest. Under the leadership of my predecessor, Eamon O’Connor (COL ’12), this[Read More…]

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