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24 Hours in Dublin

Dublin is currently experiencing a period of significant economic and cultural growth. The walkable and tourist-friendly city is a fascinating amalgamation of old and new, blending tradition with modernity. You could spend months simply exploring all the nooks and crannies of culture and entertainment that the city has to offer,[Read More…]

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Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

There are few things I love more than Georgetown. I could, and frequently do, go on about the school for hours, even when the person I’m talking to has already lost interest by the time I’ve reached the 20-minute mark. But no matter how much people love Georgetown, some reach[Read More…]

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A Semester Abroad, but Still in the Bubble

When people talk about the “Georgetown bubble,” I doubt they’re referring to the traditional Irish pubs or monuments mentioned in the works of James Joyce. But so far in my semester abroad here in Dublin, I’ve found that the bubble has somehow stretched across the Atlantic. While I’ve been studying[Read More…]

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There and Back Again

There and Back Again

A Georgetown education is punctuated for most by many meaningful academic and social experiences. For some, however, many of the most eye-opening ones do not happen on the Hilltop. A semester abroad immerses students in a different culture, forcing them to confront preconceptions. Five students share their study abroad stories.[Read More…]

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