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Mandatory Minimums a Better Path to Justice

To The Editor: Re: “With Race, Holder’s Weak Action” The Hoya, Sept. 30, A3 I, too, have a bitter taste left in my mouth by the fact that those responsible for the financial collapse of the last decade seemed to have been simply slapped on the hand and told, “Don’t[Read More…]

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Campus Crime Up in 2012

Campus Crime Up in 2012

Overall reported crime increased at Georgetown’s main campus but decreased at the Georgetown University Law Center in downtown D.C. this year, according to the Department of Public Safety’s 2013 Annual Crime Report. The report highlights reported crime trends at the two D.C. campuses and the McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean[Read More…]

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Meth Found in LXR

The Department of Public Safety uncovered a substance containing methamphetamine in an LXR dorm room early Thursday morning. According to a report in the DPS crime blotter, officers noticed a smell similar to that of marijuana while speaking with two students on the rooftop of LXR Hall. One of the students told DPS that he had smoked[Read More…]

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FDA to Fund Drug Research Center at GU

The Food and Drug Administration awarded  a $1 million grant to fund the establishment of a Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation at the Georgetown University Medical Center. “CERSI is vitally important because sound regulation requires the highest levels of science and evidence,” said Lawrence Gostin, co-principal investigator for the[Read More…]

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Editorial: Prison Is Not the Place for Marijuana Users

Nancy Reagan’s famous “Just say no” slogan is starting to go out of style, at least as it relates to marijuana. These days, the drug, which many studies seem to demonstrate is no more dangerous than alcohol, now sits smack in the middle of a debate about legalization. On Thursday,[Read More…]

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Peers Reflect on Arrested Students

After being abruptly awoken and evacuated from their residence hall early Saturday morning, displaced Harbin Hall residents began to piece together the morning’s events and reflect on the students who were said to be involved. Initial reports claimed that police had responded to a student caller reporting an odor on[Read More…]

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Two Drug Lab Suspects Face Charges; Romano Released

John Romano (COL ’14), resident of Harbin Hall Room 926 – the epicenter of Saturday’s drug lab bust – was released Monday and will not face charges, according to his lawyer. Romano’s roommate, Charles Smith (SFS ’14), and University of Richmond freshman John Perrone, are being held without bond and[Read More…]

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Breaking: Police Find Harbin Drug Lab; Students Evacuated

A drug lab was reportedly found in Room 926 of Harbin Hall Saturday morning after officials were summoned to deal with hazardous material on the freshman residence’s ninth floor shortly after 5 a.m. According to Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Hugh Carew and Officer Tisha Ganc, Room 926 residents John Romano[Read More…]

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DPS Blotter

**Wednesday, March 3** *Theft, Healy Hall, 10:07 a.m.* A T-shirt was stolen from an office. No suspects or witnesses have been identified. *Public Indecency, Library Walk, 9:14 p.m.* Several males ran nude through the area. No identifications were made. **Friday, March 5** *Unlawful Entry, Lauinger Library, 8:48 a.m.* Metropolitan Police[Read More…]

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Barry Cripples D.C. Council Credibility

Following years of suspect and uncouth behavior, former Washington mayor and Councilmember Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) has finally been rebuked by the D.C. Council. The council voted Tuesday, March 2, to censure Barry, as well as relieve him of his committee chairman duties. While those are the correct first steps[Read More…]

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