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Jinwoo Chong\The Hoya

Overcoming Doubt One Moment at a Time

I was never supposed to come to Georgetown. My first thin letter moment — the one where your high school senior heart skips a beat and you dream of moving into Darnall Hall in a Georgetown T-shirt — ended in a rejection letter thanking me for my application and wishing[Read More…]

Danny Smith\The Hoya

After Our Trials, Success Emerges

Once I entered senior year, I felt as though I was dubbed with a flashing neon sign constantly poised directly over my head reading, “Ask me any question and receive the wisest, most well-planned response.” Amid the classic questions regarding my post-graduation plans, my new location and how I will[Read More…]

“A Mouthful of Birds” tackled the difficult issue of mental illness with physical performances from Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), Mack Krebs (COL ’16) and Maddie Kelley (COL ’16).

Dramas Explore Psychological Conflicts

Behavioral and psychological questions are at the center of many of the issues facing our generation. This year, Georgetown theater productions dove into these complex concepts, working to expose and understand problems of varying intensity. The plays “Hamlet,” “A Mouthful of Birds,” “Proof” and “Doubt” explored the darker areas of[Read More…]

SABAT: Realization of Doubt Shows Real Strength

SABAT: Realization of Doubt Shows Real Strength

This is a literary pentimento. In my untutored understanding, pentimento is an underlying image in a painting, a kind of original draft that is found underneath a top layer that is, itself, another painting. It comes from the Italian word, pentirsi — to repent, to rethink. What you are about[Read More…]

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Maddie Kelley (COL ’16) gives a great performance as Sister Aloysius in “Doubt: A Parable” directed by Professor Maya E. Roth, perfectly capturing her intensity

A Tale of Tense Truths

Whether one wears a habit or a hoodie, a person cannot avoid suspicion, and in the absence of proof, none can escape doubt. Such is the struggle of Sister Aloysius Beauvier in her mistrust of Fr. Brendan Flynn in John Patrick Shanley’s “Doubt, A Parable,” which opens this weekend at[Read More…]

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