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Ethnic Studies Minor Proposed

A proposed minor in diversity, culture and ethnic studies went before the College Academic Council at the end of October. Although students have previously discussed the option informally, the minor is now supported by the Cura Personalis Initiative, the student-run effort to address diversity issues that presented the preliminary proposal[Read More…]

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Students of Color Alliance Talks Diversity Over Dinner

Students of Color Alliance Talks Diversity Over Dinner

Upper-level administrators joined students at the 10th annual Students of Color Alliance Unity Dinner on Wednesday, with many leaving before the evening’s discussion of how to improve diversity and collaboration among students. Attendees talked about pluralism and diversity while sampling food from various cultural traditions at the dinner in Copley[Read More…]

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Diversity in Higher Ed Stagnant

The nation’s higher education system is exacerbating the disadvantages minorities face instead of alleviating them, a recent study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce found. The July report, titled “Separate and Unequal: How Higher Education Reinforces the Intergenerational Reproduction of White Racial Privilege,” analyzed the correlation[Read More…]

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Diversity Must Be More Than Numbers

Diversity Must Be More Than Numbers

Come to Georgetown, they say, it’s diverse. Three years ago I enthusiastically ventured into Hoya territory accepting the Georgetown name and its pluralistic mission. Bright-eyed, I was eager to embrace and contribute to Georgetown’s abundantly diverse community. After three years here, I am no longer shocked to find that diversity[Read More…]

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DeGioia’s Diversity Call Unresolved

Four years after University President John J. DeGioia’s Initiative on Diversity and Inclusiveness was launched, Georgetown continues to pursue a diverse pool of faculty members — a goal of the 2009 effort that has not been fully realized. The degree to which they have fallen short of that target, however, is unclear.[Read More…]

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The Black House

When Conan Louis (FLL ’73) arrived at Georgetown in 1969, he was one of about 30 black students in the entire undergraduate population. There were no black members of the faculty or the administration. Although the university admitted its first black undergraduate in 1950, almost two decades later, the student body[Read More…]

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WEIS: Finding Diversity On Hilltop

WEIS: Finding Diversity On Hilltop

Amid discussions in recent weeks on affirmative action, I was speaking with a good friend here at Georgetown about diversity on campus. And while I asserted that I thought Georgetown is diverse, she expressed her opposite belief — that Georgetown is not a diverse school at all and is instead[Read More…]

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DAVIS: Pluralism Needs Action

DAVIS: Pluralism Needs Action

I recently participated in a panel held by Georgetown University’s chapter of the NAACP and met with a couple of students who attend Howard University. The conversation ended that night with an understanding that all schools — whether historically black or predominately white — have room for improvement when it[Read More…]

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Admin Diversity Lags

Admin Diversity Lags

Nearly four years after University President John J. DeGioia launched an Initiative on Diversity and Inclusiveness, the university’s senior administration — composed of deans and executive leaders, including the provost and vice presidents — remains dominated by white males. Of the 13 individuals listed under executive leadership on the university[Read More…]

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Gustafson and Kohnert-Yount: A Year in Review

In their 2012 campaign, GUSA President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) and Vice President Vail Kohnert-Yount (SFS ’13) prioritized social justice, diversity, student space and academic life. One year later, as the pair leaves office, their accomplishments have in some cases surpassed the promises they made in their campaign, despite some setbacks.   Diversity Upon taking office,[Read More…]

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