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Call for Change, From the Bottom Up

The Obama staffers and community leaders with whom I spent my break between sophomore and junior years referred to our campaign as Freedom Summer 2008. Decades after courageous, radical young women and men swarmed Mississippi in the summer of 1964 to register suppressed and intimidated blacks voters, I moved to[Read More…]

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Diversity Needed Beyond Classroom

Cura personalis, the Jesuit motto integral to a Georgetown education, is an important part of what makes our university special. With this in mind, the Academic Working Group of the Initiative on Diversity and Inclusiveness recently became the third group of University President John J. DeGioia’s Diversity Initiative to release[Read More…]

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Proposal Embraces Wide Variety of Options

To the editor: As members of the Academic Working Group of the Diversity Initiative, we would like first to express our appreciation for all the feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism we have received thus far, and secondly to clarify a few points in response to the thoughtful comments that appeared[Read More…]

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GU Talks Greater Campus Diversity

Potential measures addressing issues of diversity at Georgetown took center stage at open forum events this week, with a second town hall for the Diversity Initiative’s academic working group on Wednesdsay and a Thursday panel discussion with faculty and administrators. The academic working group town hall convened for feedback about[Read More…]

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Game Plan

Despite the criticism it has drawn from some observers, the recent proposal to implement a diversity requirement in the undergraduate curriculum is admirable. But before taking any concrete steps, the university must carefully prioritize its goals. The plan outlined by the Academic Working Group of the Diversity Initiative includes the[Read More…]

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Proposal Fragments Curriculum

Georgetown’s institutional arrangements embody a subtle but profound philosophy about the relationship of the “Many and the One.” Each of us at once belongs to a specific school as well as a university. We are part of a collegium – a gathering of colleagues, of particular people bound in a[Read More…]

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Approach Diversity With Tenacity

One year ago, racial tensions on campus exploded. The Hoya triggered an avalanche by publishing an inflammatory April Fools’ edition that attempted to satirize the issues surrounding diversity on campus. The articles asserted the need for “good old-fashioned vanilla-chocolate swirl interracial” loving, claimed minorities were racially privileged in college admissions,[Read More…]

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